Documents Revealing Ryan Gosling's 'Dark Family Secrets' Are a Little Too Much

Mar 30, 2017 at 2:21 p.m. ET
Image: Arnold Wells

Star has really gone too far with its weird, probing exposé on Ryan Gosling's childhood.

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The tabloid dug up the Canadian court papers from Gosling's parents' divorce to find allegations of abuse and estrangement, medical information and the infighting that tore the Gosling family apart. And while it's to be expected that some of celebrities' lives will always play out in the public eye, this is too much.

We know plenty about Gosling's life from his interviews and public appearances. Purposefully going looking for records of his childhood trauma just to get a few clicks on a headline is trashy and exploitative, and even celebrities deserve more privacy than that. After all, the divorce happened before Gosling even appeared on The Mickey Mouse Club, so he was very much a private citizen at the time. What happened in his past, especially if it happened before he was famous and when he was just a young child, should stay in his past.

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What's worse is that Gosling isn't even the only victim here. His parents and his older sister are also being forced to relive what was clearly a very painful time in their lives. And for what gain? What do we get out of knowing that the Gosling family went through a very heart-wrenching divorce? Being a fan of a celebrity is OK, but wanting to know this kind of information is unhealthy and obsessive. It just goes too far.

We're not going to link to the report, and we hope you choose not to read it. And we stand with Ryan Gosling in saying that even celebrities deserve private lives.

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