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Jennifer Garner’s Baby Daddy Applauded For… Ya Know, Being a Dad

Um, is it just me, or does Matt Damon sound super-sexist in his new interview talking about his buds Ben Affleck and George Clooney?

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Damon was at CinemaCon to promote his upcoming film, Suburbicon, when he decided to take a minute to talk about the other half of his long-term bromance, Ben Affleck, who just got out of rehab for alcohol addiction.

[He’s] fantastic,” Damon told Entertainment Tonight. “He’s with the kids now, couldn’t be happier. Jen’s working for a couple weeks in Atlanta, so he’s Mr. Mom-ing it right now. And that’s what he wants to be doing.”

Uh, he’s what? Mr. Mom-ing it? Can’t we just call that exactly what it is? He’s being a dad. He’s doing an equal part in raising his kids. Damon’s comment makes it sound like moms are the only ones who bear any responsibility in this whole child-rearing thing, even though it certainly takes two to make said child. Sorry, but dads should be doing a solid half of the work.

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We probably could have excused what Damon said as just a cute (though low-key offensive) turn of phrase, but then he doubled down on his apparently sexist ideas about raising kids when he talked about George and Amal Clooney, who are expecting twins.

“He’s going to get prepared,” Damon said about Clooney. “He better figure it out, ’cause they’re on the way. But he’ll be great. He’ll be a mess, but [Amal] will take care of everything.”

I sure hope Amal won’t “take care of everything.” George had better be getting up in the middle of the night and getting elbow-deep in diapers, because it’s his job to take care of half the work — Amal has more important things to do, like literally protecting people from ISIS genocide.

Since when is it 1950, when raising kids was women’s work? It’s 2017, Damon. Your comments are annoying and unacceptable.

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