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Cheryl Burke Is Headed to Dance Moms, So Expect the Dance Routines to Get Better

After a wild exit from Dance Moms on Monday, Abby Lee Miller is officially out of Lifetime’s hit show that made Sia’s wingwoman, Maddie Ziegler, a star. So who will be taking over for the irascible dance studio head on the show? None other than Cheryl Burke, the Dancing with the Stars pro who was imaginably chosen not only for her dancing skills, but perhaps her calmer demeanor and the fact that she skews to a more modern demographic.

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Entertainment Tonight reports that Burke will take over on Dance Moms for the remainder of the season. Dance Moms is reportedly still in the middle of filming their current season, so this hoopla will no doubt play out on the show for curious viewers. The upheaval began Monday, when Miller took to Instagram to caption a rather nice photo of her with some of her students with a long, ranting explanation of why she was quitting the show immediately.

In all caps, Miller explained why she had had it with Dance Moms and could not stand to be affiliated with the show. “I WILL NO LONGER TAKE PART IN DANCE MOMS. FOR THE PAST SIX YEARS/ SEVEN SEASONS I HAVE ASKED, BEGGED, AND EVEN DEMANDED CREATIVE CREDIT FOR ALL THE IDEAS, AWARD WINNING ROUTINES, THEMES, AND COSTUMING – TO NO AVAIL!” Miller also made some serious allegations (unconfirmed and with no comment from Lifetime about their veracity) against male staff and crew members in regard to their treatment of the women. The entire post is, to put it mildly, disturbing.

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Burke, for her part, has not confirmed through her own social media accounts or as yet released a statement that she will be coming to Dance Moms. However, she couldn’t be a better pick. Besides attracting a younger audience to the Dance Moms franchise, Burke appears a bit calmer and more even-keeled in her demeanor. While Miller has built up a reputation as being something of a no-nonsense instructor prone to flying off the handle at the drop of a hat, Burke’s reputation from Dancing with the Stars is pretty much the opposite of that.

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Burke will no doubt breathe new life into Dance Moms and bring the energy into a more positive place, and I think that’s what everyone associated with this show needs right now, don’t you think?

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