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Adam Levine’s Random Pairing on The Voice Was the Best of All

The Voice‘s Battles are all about strategic match-ups between similar artists, but maybe a more random approach would be better. It certainly worked tonight, when Adam Levine pitted two very different contestants against one another.

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Levine’s goal was certainly not to be revolutionary. It was more like he forgot about two of his team members and was forced to put them together. It felt a little like the reality TV equivalent of forgetting about a few ingredients in your fridge and then throwing them in a casserole before they go bad. Except the casserole is actually awesome, so you wonder why you don’t experiment with random ingredients more often.

Jesse Larson
Image: NBC

The lucky guys to get the honor of being in a sloppy seconds duo were Taylor Alexander and Jesse Larson. Their pairing could have been a disaster, but thankfully, both contestants are uniquely skilled and thus capable of pulling off such a feat. Not to mention, Levine had the good sense to choose a versatile song that transcends genres.

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Alexander and Larson’s performance may not have been the most masterful of the evening, but it was arguably the most enjoyable. Viewers entered the performance not knowing quite what to expect. The coaches evidently felt the same way; even Levine claimed, “This pairing makes no sense at all.”

After a dozen seasons, it’s always nice to see one of the coaches on The Voice taking a risk, even if that risk happens by way of poor planning. It would be cool to see a similar concept come to fruition in the future.

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Sometimes, multi-genre performances are the most entertaining. Yes, they make it tougher for the coaches to narrow down their teams, but on the other hand, they may provide better insight into how equipped various artists are to make it in the competitive music industry, where the ability to work with radically different musicians is a huge asset.

We were sad to see Taylor Alexander head home, but we can’t wait to see more from the winner of tonight’s Battle: Jesse Larson!

Do you think the judges should be a little more adventurous with their pairings for The Voice’s Battles? Or would this give some of the artists an unfair advantage? Comment and share your opinion below.

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