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OMG, Donald Trump Is Just a Real Housewife in Disguise

Wait; is he president of the United States or just another Bravo reality star? Turns out, Andy Cohen is making the case that Donald Trump is, in fact, closer to a Real Housewife than he is a president.

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Case in point, tweet No. 1.

Huh, you say, OK so that’s one example, you say.

Andy Cohen GIF
Image: Reality TV GIFs

To which Cohen would raise you another round of tweets.

And then Cohen added in another jab of evidence in there just for good measure.

It’s an important reminder: Donald Trump is a reality star. I repeat, Donald Trump is a reality star… who was best known before the election as the guy who said, “You’re fired,” on The Apprentice.

Donald Trump GIF
Image: Reddit

Luckily, we have Cohen to keep it real.

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Probably the saddest part of this whole tweet series is that I wouldn’t be surprised if after everything goes to shit in the Trump administration, Trump actually tries to take Cohen up on the gig. He could be the first Real Househusband of New York.

Andy Cohen GIF
Image: Inside Amy Schumer

So far, Trump hasn’t responded to Cohen, which, hopefully means that Trump finally has bigger problems than Twitter what with the whole Russia investigation and his health care bill falling flat on its face.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Andy Cohen slideshow

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