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Val Kilmer Is Behaving Strangely, but It’s Not the First Time

Val Kilmer spent a few days earlier in the week on Twitter talking about Cate Blanchett — both out of the blue and without response from Blanchett. The tweet storm began with a selfie of Kilmer and the message: “Once I flew all the way to Australia just to talk to Cate Blanchett. Her husband met me first. Or, instead, I guess, to be accurate.”

Several more tweets followed, praising Blanchett for her acting and generally talking about how she is “amazing in person.” The tweets were peppered between pictures of Kilmer’s visit to New York City and pictures of the World Trade Center memorial. It was more than a little odd.

While Kilmer has a history of praising other stars and sharing stories on his Twitter feed (he gushed, somewhat uncomfortably, about singer Carly Simon earlier in this month), the Blanchett tweets seemed odder than usual. However, Kilmer also has a long history of strange and even troubling behavior, both on set and off. In recent years, as the actor has struggled with a cancer diagnosis, some of his behavior has become even more out of line, with some family members saying it is interfering with his health and well-being.

Is Kilmer just different, or is he struggling with mental illness? Are his odd interactions appropriate or do they cross a line? Has it been getting worse over the years? Let’s take a look at some of his questionable moments over the years.

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1987: He wrote and self-published a poem about Michelle Pfeiffer

Apparently, Cate Blanchett is not the only woman who Kilmer has showed a bit of an obsession for. After working with Michelle Pfeiffer in an ABC Afterschool Special called “One Too Many,” the young Kilmer wrote a poem called, “The Pfeiffer Howls at the Moon.” He then self-published the verses in a book of poems called My Edens After Burns, most of the copies of which reside in his garage. It’s rumored that the pair had a romantic relationship, but still. That’s a bit weird.

1993: He randomly ate a living locust on the set of Tombstone

According to Kevin Jarre, the writer and director in Tombstone, “There’s a dark side to Val that I don’t feel comfortable talking about.” However, Jarre was comfortable telling an interviewer about Kilmer’s quirkier side, which included randomly eating large insects.

“We were deep in conversation about Doc Holliday, and this stand-in brought over a very colorful sort of locust and said, ‘Look what I found!’ I looked up and said, ‘Hey, that’s pretty good,’ and Val, without saying a word, grabbed the locust from the guy and ate it. And it was big. He said to me, ‘As you know, I have a reputation for being difficult. But only with stupid people.”’

1996: He drove both directors of The Island of Doctor Moreau crazy

Kilmer has a long history of being difficult on set that goes back to when he was 12 and quit his first acting job (for a hamburger ad) because he couldn’t find a strong enough motivation. He has, it is rumored, got some directors fired and made others quit. The best example is probably his behavior on the set of The Island of Doctor Moreau — the first director quit in a week and the second, John Frankenheimer, said after finishing the film, “There are two things I will never ever do in my whole life. The first is that I will never climb Mt. Everest. The second is that I will never work with Val Kilmer ever again.”

Frankenheimer also reportedly told his assistant director, “If I was making The Val Kilmer Story, I wouldn’t hire that prick!”

2002: He has spent a long time working on a weird project about Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy

For 15 years now, Kilmer has been spending less time on looking for roles as a lead actor and more time on a pet project that focuses on the relationships between Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy and writer and personality Mark Twain. The project finally surfaced as a one-man play starring Kilmer, which he has now turned into a film that he wrote, directed and produced called Cinema Twain.
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2010: He moved in with Will Forte for a few months and put his pillow in the washing machine

After making the comedy MacGruber in 2010, Kilmer ask co-star Will Forte if he could crash at his place for a few days. Forte happily agreed, but soon realized, as Kilmer’s books began arriving in duffle bags, that he might be staying for longer. Kilmer was a great roommate for a few months, Forte told James Corden, although once he tried to wash his pillow, which didn’t go well. Kilmer never explained why he put his pillow in the wash or why he didn’t take it out. Maybe just watch the interview.

2015: He denied having and might have refused medical treatment for throat cancer

In 2015, some of his family members told TMZ that although he had known about a tumor diagnosis for months, he had refused to seek medical treatment and was instead praying for health (Kilmer is a Christian Scientist). Finally, in February 2015, he was rushed into emergency surgery, coughing blood and having difficulty breathing.

He publicly denied having cancer for years, saying that he was covering up a spot on his neck with scarves that was due to an unrelated procedure.

2017: He said this about Brigitte Bardot on Twitter

We will present this without comment: 

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Did we forget any weird stories about Val Kilmer? Share them below.

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