Chris Evans Owes One of His Co-stars Money

Mar 28, 2017 at 1:51 p.m. ET
Image: Adriana M. Barraza/

Chris Evans just learned the hard way that there are certain rules that come with being on set with a 6-year-old.

Evans was joined by his pint-sized co-star, Mckenna Grace, at a press junket for their upcoming film, Gifted, where they revealed a little bit of what it's like to combine some salty Hollywood types with a first-grader. It all started when they were asked what they do to make the set feel more like home. Grace had a lot to say about that one.

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"I packed a bunch of Barbies whenever I went on that trip," she shared. "I always pack my one stuffed seal that I take everywhere with me — he was even in the movie! I try to sneak him in… I love him very much. He’s been in our family for a while because my mom’s had him since she was 6. I have a special pillow that I like to sleep on, so I bring that. I bring my special baby blanket. I bring a lot of things that help me feel at home there."

Then she added, "It makes me feel more at home whenever I’m surrounded by people like this."

Amid all the awws from the crowd of reporters at the event, Evans interjected, "I pay her to say that."

And that's when Grace let their secret slip when she quipped, "You never paid me on set!"

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It turns out there was a little rule for the grown-ups during filming. If they used any coarse language around Grace, they had to pay up for her swear jar. And Evans admitted at the event that he still hasn't paid up what he owes.

When asked by a reporter how much he owes, Evans had to do some quick math.

"Was it five bucks a swear?" he asked.

Grace replied, "Five bucks a swear word but 10 for the F-word."

Evans quipped, "So I’m in deep."

There's a happy ending to this story, though. Grace donated all her swear jar earnings to charity when filming wrapped. All the more reason to pay up, Evans!

Check out Mckenna Grace and Chris Evans in the exclusive clip below, and don't forget to see Gifted in select theaters next Friday, April 7 and nationwide Friday, April 21.

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