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Adam Levine’s Steal on The Voice Was Well Worth the Wait

Adam Levine tends to be stingy with his steals on The Voice. It’s a frustrating tactic at times, as deserving artists are often sent home too early. But Levine has won the show on multiple occasions, so we trust his judgment.

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For some reason, Levine really took his time with stealing a contestant this season. Going into the latest episode, Alicia Keys had already exhausted her steals, and both Stefani and Shelton had made use of the tactic. Levine, however, held out hope Battle after Battle that somebody better would come along and that he would be rewarded for his patience.

Tonight, Levine’s willingness to wait for the right singer paid off. He patiently waited for an extraordinarily talented female to add to Team Adam, and tonight, he found that lovely lady: Autumn Turner.

It would have been a real travesty if either Turner or her competitor, Vanessa Ferguson, had gone home tonight. Their Battle was easily the best of the evening. The two absolutely crushed their unique rendition of “Killing Me Softly.” The only bad thing about the performance was the understanding that Keys was only allowed to choose one of these spectacular singers.

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The good news, however, was that it was immediately evident that neither gal would be headed home, regardless of who Keys chose. Both Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani expressed interest in working with the loser of this Battle. Really, Keys’ decision could have gone either way, but given Levine’s track record, Turner may be the real winner.

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If nothing else, it was worth waiting for Levine’s steal simply because it meant yet another appearance from Adam’s puppet alter ego. That’s right — Keys once again pulled out Puppet Adam. It was an amusing moment worthy of a purely fun night of television.

We are so, so glad that Autumn Turner and Vanessa Ferguson both get to continue to impress viewers on The Voice. Whether they’re on Team Alicia or Team Adam, we’re convinced that both will go far on The Voice and in life.

What did you think of Adam Levine’s latest steal? Comment and share your opinion below.

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