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In Defense of Erika Jayne on DWTS: She’s Sexy AF, Get Over It

Whether she’s bringing the drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, working it on Dancing with the Stars or minding her own business, Erika Jayne is a divisive figure. Lots of people love her, but perhaps even more love to hate her due to her firecracker personality and her tendency to ooze sexuality.

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Never one to apologize for being exactly who she is, Jayne returned to the second week of DWTS with another hot routine. Yes, she amped up the sophistication with this week’s dance, but she by no means toned down the sexiness. If anything, the undue criticism from last week’s dance caused her to double down on her natural sensual style.

Jayne’s hard work and determination to remain true to herself clearly paid off tonight. She received several 7s from the judges. Keep in mind that this is arguably the most competitive season yet and that Jayne is being compared to an Olympic gymnast and an actress with previous professional dance experience.

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Unfortunately, while the judges had plenty of nice things to say about Jayne this week, she still managed to elicit some criticism. The backlash was nowhere as fierce as it was last week, but based on a few responses on Twitter, some people have yet to catch the Erika Jayne bug.

Jayne is accustomed to haters, and she’s suffered worse accusations than being too sexy. You don’t survive long on RHOBH without a thick skin, so we know she can handle whatever criticism DWTS viewers send her way. She recently told E! “To each his own… I think sometimes we as women are held to a different standard than perhaps some other people”

We just don’t get the Erika Jayne hate. Sure, she’s a little out there at times, but that’s exactly what makes her so entertaining. We’re glad that she’s owning it in life and on the dance floor. Here’s to several more weeks of sexiness on Dancing with the Stars!

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What do you think of Erika Jayne on Dancing with the Stars? Does she need to tone it down, or should the haters back off? Comment and share your opinion below.

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