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Chicago P.D. Is Cruel for What They’re Doing to Linstead

Last Wednesday’s Chicago P.D. delivered a whole lot of heartbreak for Linstead ‘shippers. We’re still coming to terms with it. How about you?

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After revealing to Erin (and the viewers) that he got married back in the day to a woman named Abby, who he served with in the military, Jay then dropped another major bombshell. Coming face-to-face again with Abby after all these years made him realize he still has a lot of issues to work through. Totally understandable, right? However, he also doesn’t think he can do that with Erin by his side at this moment in time.

Uh, say what now? Despite Erin telling Jay that she could handle whatever it is he’s going through, he chose to leave their apartment and go stay with his brother, Will, for awhile. Also, he’s technically still married to Abby, so, yeah, he really needs to get a divorce from her too.

Chicago P.D., Lindsay
Image: Tumblr

It’s devastating to think that Linstead is now dealing with a lot of problems, especially since it took them forever to finally be together and Jay basically just moved in with Erin. How long is this so-called break going to last? Will it tear them apart? Will it make them stronger?

There are so many questions right now, and based on teasers dished by the cast and executive producers, things look like they’re going to get worse before they get better. Raise your hand if that makes you feel any better? No? Yeah, us either. Why is Chicago P.D. doing this to fans? It’s just cruel.

After being asked by TVLine whether or not Linstead can survive this bump in the road, Jesse Lee Soffer said, “I don’t know. They have definitely been through a lot together… I don’t know what direction it’s going in.” Well, that didn’t help us out — at all. Thanks for nothing, Jesse.

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And here is some further information that will probably make Linstead ‘shippers want to eat all of the ice cream in the world. Matt Olmstead told The Hollywood Reporter in February, “Going forward, is it a fateful blow to the relationship or are they able to repair it?” He continued, “We definitely have those two having to assess and do inventory on themselves individually and their relationship as a whole.”

Olmstead also teased another Bunny storyline coming into play regarding that possible secret intimate moment she said she and Voight shared. You know, the one that also made most everyone think Voight could possibly be Erin’s father? Per Olmstead, they “advance” that at some point later on in the season, which may or may not affect Jay and Erin. “It has to advance, and so we’re looking to really hit a crescendo on the Bunny storyline and does that affect where Lindsay and Halstead are?” he revealed. “And I foresee that happening.”

Chicago P.D., Halstead
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It looks like Jay will also have to deal with Voight once again. After picking up on tension between the two, he gives Jay a talking to. According to Olmstead, Voight will say to him, “We’ve already had this conversation. I already warned you two. Either clear it up and do your job, or you’re gone.” Whoa, and also not surprising. “So there is definitely an ultimatum laid out to Halstead this has to be cleared up and there’s no more conversations after this,” Olmstead also added.

Here’s hoping it gets cleaned up fast and Linstead stays together in the process.

In an attempt to make you feel possibly a little better, Sophia Bush is just as upset as ‘shippers. After a fan tweeted her, “Jay’s time in the military is the backstory I’d been wishing the writers would explore more of.” To which Bush replied, “I cannot confirm 100%, but apparently this is laying groundwork for that story. aka IT BETTER BE BECAUSE [three broken heart emojis].” Amen, Bush. Amen.

This Linstead storyline really is the worst, so keep those fingers crossed this all turns around for the better sooner rather than later.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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