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Harry Styles Wants to Be the Timberlake of One Direction With His New Music Teaser

Move over, Zayn Malik. Harry Styles is ready to become the Timberlake of former One Direction band members.

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We’re getting closer to April 7 with every second that passes. April 7 is the day reserved for Styles’ first solo single to be released upon the masses. Ahead of that hallowed day, Styles has released a teaser video for what is presumably the music video for his debut single. The teaser premiered in the U.K. over the weekend and has now made its way to American shores, tantalizing us all in the process. Seriously, this video is enigmatic AF.
The teaser consists of Styles walking through a dark, misty room while piano music plays softly. Is this the instrumental track from his debut single? Styles walks across the room in slow-motion and opens a door. He’s blinded by and shrouded in bright light, so of course he holds up a super-tattooed arm to shield his eyes. The teaser ends with a tight close-up of his eyes and eyebrows; there’s no mistaking that’s Styles looking broodingly into the camera.

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If the music playing in the teaser is in fact the music from his upcoming debut single, then it would signal a pretty interesting direction for the former boy band member. Like Zayn Malik, Styles might be going in a more slowed-down, ballad-heavy direction in which he can show off his crooning skills more than anything else. Zayn has found considerable success moving into an R&B vibe with his music unlike other now-solo One Direction dudes Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan (who’ve gone into electronic and acoustic pop, respectively), both of whom are still trying to ascend to Malik levels of success. Styles may be making the right move just by choosing this genre as his solo career vibe; it’s definitely a promising sign.

The mysterious teaser isn’t the only part of his solo debut campaign that’s full of mystery. Around the same time as the teaser drop, a ton of photos showed up on Styles’ Instagram that just showed white space. No caption, no explanation, nothing. Not even an emoji to maybe give us a hint at what’s going on here. Maybe Styles is pulling from the Ed Sheeran playbook in making both his avatar and cover photo on his Twitter (which also features the blank space photo) and Instagram as a way to tease what his album cover will look like. What gives, guy?

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All I know is that I am totally ready for this new music to drop and that teaser isn’t helping matters at all. Is it April 7 yet?

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