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How Is It That Ryan Reynolds Gets Better With Every Interview?

Ryan Reynolds recently gave an interview to Elle magazine in which he discussed his films, his fame and his sex life. Here are the five things that stuck with us most from the interview.

1. He calls it “lovemaking”

Ryan Reynolds1
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Now, how Ryan Reynolds refers to the act of sexual intercourse wasn’t a question in and of itself, but we learned this tidbit nonetheless, and I’m glad we did.

The question was: “Deadpool likes to frequently shout, ‘Maximum effort!’ What’s the weirdest place someone’s yelled that at you?” to which Reynolds replied: “I’d love to be able to say ‘during lovemaking,’ but I’m gonna go with ‘stuck in traffic.'”

The question is cheeky and fun and Reynolds batted back a solid answer, but that’s not what I focused on. I focused on the word choice.

Lovemaking. This is a bold move. I mean, I know his choices were limited to what a magazine would print, but lovemaking! It takes a certain type of man to say lovemaking. It’s an eye-rolling term, one I frequently mock and rarely use. But a man who says lovemaking knows the difference between having sex and making love and that, my friends, is nothing to laugh at.

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2. He’s Seen a UFO

Asked about life beyond Earth, Reynolds shares his own experience with alien life, saying, “I’ve had that ubiquitous story — a sighting in the sky I couldn’t explain. I was on a road trip somewhere in Nevada or Utah. I saw a floaty light that didn’t move like a typical aircraft.”

Ryan Reynolds2
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I’m pretty sure it’s an established fact that people who readily admit to seeing UFOs or ghosts are just better, generally speaking.

Why? Well, the willingness to believe in unexplained paranormal phenomena suggests a certain humbleness, doesn’t it? It hints at the knowledge that you don’t know it all, the awareness that no matter how intelligent you may be, there is something that lies beyond the scope of your comprehension.

Then again, Reynolds also admits that the UFO sighting might have had, ahem, other explanations, adding, “I also did a lot of hard drugs when I was young.”

3. He’s Canadian, through and through

It’s not just his answer to the question which specifically asked about his most Canadian attribute (“I’m polite.” he said. “Generally, I care for other people. I always say ‘excuse me,’ ‘thank you,’ and “I’m sorry.'”) but also how he addressed a question about his self-deprecating nature.

Reynolds explained that he has trouble accepting praise for the wildly popular Deadpool, saying that his wife and friends often have to remind him not to brush off praise or deflect its success with a joke.

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To me, this is an entirely Canadian trait and shows that although he lives in a New York suburb, Reynolds is 100 percent Canadian. In Canada, ambition is regarded with suspicion and success is downplayed. It’s a weird sort of aw-shucks nationalism.

What can I say is that we’re not boasters or flag-wavers. We’re Ryan Reynolds: the guy who worked for 11 years on a movie that raked in $745 million at the box office and still feels uncomfortable getting patted on the back for it.

Ryan Reynolds3
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4. He respects women

The way Reynolds speaks about the women in his life demonstrates this clearly enough that he doesn’t have to declare it repeatedly like a certain orange politician who shall not be named.

Ryan Reynolds4
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From the complimentary way he speaks about his wife, Blake Lively, (“She’s as handy as any home-improvement character you’d ever meet.”) to how he values the choices his mother has made (“My mom is a career student. She’s always taking courses. She’s 71 years old, and she just learned to play the banjo.”) to the way he plays with his daughter (“I can comb a doll’s hair for six hours and suddenly remember to blink.”), you can tell that Reynolds genuinely values and respects the women in his life.

5. His trademark sense of humor evolved as a coping mechanism

Ryan Reynolds5
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Reynolds reveals that a rough childhood was made easier when he developed a sense of humor, saying, “I had three older brothers and a father who wasn’t an easy man by any stretch. And if he were still here today, he’d agree with that. But I found that my fists weren’t going to do any significant protective work for me, so my mouth was it. Making my father laugh was a way to control him. It helped me get by.”

With a handful of successful films under his belt and another on the way, it seems like that strategy has served him well.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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