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Grey’s Anatomy Should Rethink Amelia’s Storyline, and Fast

Coming off last week’s beautiful, poignant “Japril, the sequel” episode of Grey’s Anatomy, this week had a lot to live up to. And while there were certainly some winning moments (Bailey and Ben talking about growing old together? Be still my heart!), this week’s episode had one major hitch — and her name is Amelia.

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As a from-the-beginning fan of Grey’s, I can appreciate what Amelia means to the series. She is Derek’s sister… one of the last threads tying Meredith to her late husband, no matter how tenuous Mer and Amelia’s relationship has always been.

But if we’re being brutally honest, Amelia is kind of a killjoy. There, I said it.

Did she go through some truly tragic things in her life? Yes, of course, and we aren’t diminishing those experiences. They were undoubtedly heartbreaking. However, this is Grey’s Anatomy. There aren’t many characters left who don’t have at least one gutting story in their past.

Perhaps the point at which Amelia passed the threshold of likability and ventured into ingratiating territory was the moment she bailed on Owen. After all, Owen has been nothing but supportive of her. Ever since she ghosted after their wedding, he has been fighting to win her back.

That’s an appropriate response. That’s the one you want the person you love to have, no? If he just gives up and walks away too, it wasn’t much of a marriage to begin with.

This week, Owen tries his hand at giving Amelia an ultimatum of sorts by demanding that she let him know whether or not she is ever coming home. That’s fair, y’all. For real. She has put this man through the wringer — he’s earned a little impatience.

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Amelia’s response, not surprisingly, wasn’t to empathize with Owen at all. Rather, she called him a bully. She accused him of not being there for her for better or for worse. Um, pot? Meet kettle. How in the actual eff is she accusing him of not honoring their marital vows when she ran off?

She also once again acted indignant and totally appalled by the fact that Owen wants his marriage to include kids. This is a fact that should come as a surprise to no one. Literally anyone who has watched Grey’s in recent years knows Owen wants a baby.

‘Twas the reason his marriage with Cristina went up in flames (well, basically).

And speaking of Cristina, what was Amelia thinking bringing Yang into the conversation? Twitter, myself included, was not having it.

Girrrrrl, no. Just no.

I mean, c’mon. The man is not trying to marginalize Amelia’s rights to do what she wants with her own body. He isn’t trying to force her to have a baby. He just wants a baby in his life. He wants to be a father and share that joy with the woman he loves.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to have a family, just like there isn’t anything wrong with not wanting to have a family.

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The problem with Owen and Amelia is that Amelia has changed her mind about wanting kids and now expects Owen to get on board with her line of thinking. Really, she hasn’t even given Owen much of a chance to express the way he feels about the situation.

If you ask me, she’s being the emotional steamroller… not Owen.

So while the series seems to be setting adorable Jerrika Hinton (aka Dr. Stephanie Edwards) up to leave, you wouldn’t hear a whole lot of arguing out of me if they decided to write Amelia out instead.

Or if Hinton must go to pursue her new pilot, Here, Now, she could at least take Amelia with her. Better yet, bring back Cristina!

Is Amelia grating your nerves or is her behavior justifiable?

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