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Tom Cruise Described as ‘Rabid’ While Defending Scientology

Being Scientology’s golden boy hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Tom Cruise.

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A new book about former CEO of Paramount Pictures Sherry Lansing reveals that Cruise got into a tiff with John Goldwyn, a former president of production at Paramount. Goldwyn was getting divorced, and when he mentioned Scientology in his divorce papers, Cruise interpreted it as an attack on him and the religion.

“Only once did Cruise’s beliefs affect his professional relationships: during a confrontation with Goldwyn,” the book reads, adding that the argument happened in 2003 after Goldwyn’s court papers stated that he believed his wife’s involvement in the Church of Scientology was “being applied to alienate the affection” of their daughter.

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“Tom got very upset because he thought I was launching a campaign against Scientology, and he felt I was persecuting him for his religion,” Goldwyn told Page Six. “Tom was rabid about it and said, ‘It’s because of people like you that I have to ride in a bulletproof car and why I cannot practice my faith openly.'”

Goldwyn added that things were particularly shaky because Cruise, the star of the Mission Impossible franchise, was integral to Paramount at the time.

“Sherry was amazing as an executive and a friend. She stepped in and saved the situation by saying, ‘I’ve known John for years, and he isn’t a bigot. This is about his daughter.’ Tom immediately calmed down,” Goldwyn explained.

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Goldwyn now credits Cruise with greasing the wheels and ensuring his divorce reached a settlement quickly, so it’s clearly water under the bridge.

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