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Beyoncé, Literal Divine Human, Fulfills One Fan’s Final Wish

Say what you will about Beyoncé, but time and again, she proves that her fans always come first.

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Such was the case when Beyoncé FaceTimed Ebony Banks, a mega-fan of the “Formation” singer’s who made a special Beyoncé-related request. It ended up being the most adorable call of a lifetime and perhaps one of the sweetest things Beyoncé has ever done for a fan.

Entertainment Tonight reported that Banks’ family had begun a campaign earlier this week for Banks to meet Beyoncé. The family was the definition of persistent, attempting to find a way for this magical meeting to happen. The stakes were high because Banks has been battling a rare form of cancer in its final stages for over a year. This was going to be an incredible ask, but luckily, Beyoncé heard Banks and her family loud clear.

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Beyoncé spent some time talking to Banks, whose nickname is “Ebob,” over FaceTime. While the Twitter account Beyoncé Legion was only able to get video of Beyoncé saying, “I love you,” there’s no doubt that she and Banks had a delightful conversation. This is such a special moment and reminds us that no matter how big a star Beyoncé is, she always makes times for her fans.

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