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For $59.99, You Can Keep Justin Trudeau in Your Home Forever

We all have our reasons for loving the heck out of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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Maybe (like me), the current political sitch in the U.S. is really getting you down. When comparing Trudeau to President Donald Trump, one is a progressive, rational, thoughtful leader and the other tweets fat jokes at women in the middle of the night. It’s OK to think Canada has a better leader than the good ol’ U.S. of A because we elected a literal racist. Whoops.

Or maybe (also like me, TBH), you’re just a trashy thirst monster and you want Trudeau’s gorgeous face in your life. He’s become kind of a meme lately just for being really, really ridiculously good looking. Like when he did yoga on a conference table:


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Or when someone snapped a close up of his butt, which has clearly seen the business end of a million squats because HOT DAMN.


Whatever your reason for needing more Trudeau in your life, Historical Cutouts has you covered — you can now buy a life-size cardboard cutout of everyone’s favorite thirst trap/Prime Minister to do with whatever you will.

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According to Elle, the cutouts were first spotted at SXSW, and they’ve already been banned for political use in Canada. But as Elle so helpfully points out, there is no such ban on the cutouts being used for any purpose by thirsty Americans in the privacy of their own homes. Not that I’m advocating doing, like, things to this cutout. Just… be responsible, y’all. Don’t do anything Trudeau wouldn’t approve of. You can handle that, right?

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