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Norman Reedus Can Have a Love Life, but No One Wants to See It

Come on, Norman Reedus. You were supposed to stay single forever and ever to assuage the thirst of all your lady fans.

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But, alas, Reedus fucked this up. He’s been dating Diane Kruger for some time now, and they’re not even just dating; they’re dating. Exhibit A: the solid half hour they spent making out in plain view of God and all of us on a sidewalk in New York City. Like, for a couple that’s been dating for more than a year but has yet to actually comment on their relationship, dang. They really put it out there.


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Onlookers say Reedus and Kruger walked to a bar from Reedus’ home and hung out gettin’ their drank on for several hours. They were smiling and holding hands when they left, and witnesses said they chatted with a bunch of people on the street before stopping on a corner and mackin’ for what sounds like a borderline uncomfortable amount of time. And then, like ya do, they headed to another bar. Alcohol — it’s a hell of a drug.

“They looked like they had a great time!” one onlooker told E! News.

Whether they had fun or not is irrelevant. What really matters here is that Reedus and Kruger broke the rules by making out in public and shattering the illusion that Reedus belongs to all of us. Naturally, the internet is not having it.

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Reedus, let this be a lesson to you.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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