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Demi Lovato Took Away All of Her Hacker’s Power and Gave It Back to Herself

Demi Lovato’s response to the newest leak of her hacked private photos is everything.

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Obviously, there’s no right or wrong way to respond to what boils down to an absolutely gross violation of a person’s privacy. Some celebs, like Mischa Barton and Jennifer Lawrence, threaten legal action. Others publicly shame the people who stole their photos. Others take social media sabbaticals and hide out until the whole thing blows over. Those are all great reactions to something that’s emotional and violating and needs to be processed individually.

Demi Lovato, though. Oh man. She just took all the power straight out of her hacker’s hands with a reaction that basically amounts to the tweet version of a big shrug.

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The photo in question allegedly shows Lovato laying on a bed in an Adidas sweatshirt that’s unzipped (we haven’t seen it because, duh, that’s a private photo and not for our eyes).

Lovato also took complete ownership of her body by reminding us all of the time she posed nude — of her own volition, obvs — in Vanity Fair in 2015 in what the magazine called a “spontaneous make-up free” photo sesh.

What’s so great about Lovato’s reaction is how she takes all the power away from the hackers and gives it right back to herself. She’s owning her own body, and not letting anyone else make her question that. Yas, kween!

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