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Lindsay Lohan Wants to Be the Next Ashton Kutcher — Sans Trucker Hat

This is absolutely not a drill: Lindsay Lohan is coming back to television.

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Lohan has released the trailer for The Anti-Social Network, a prank-style television show that could potentially also act as Lohan’s return to the entertainment world. Lohan has some past experience with being the target on a prank show (like in 2003, when she was on Punk’d), but The Anti-Social Network will put her in the driver’s seat. What’s interesting is the show is quite unlike anything we’ve seen before, with social media as the channel through which all the pranks are played.
The main premise of the show is this: Lohan is in charge of someone’s social media for 24 hours. During that time, she is doling out challenges designed specifically for the target. Even better, she is getting the information from someone close to the target to design those specific challenges. There are hidden cameras at various locations to catch all the hijinks. Most likely, at the end of the show, Lohan will jump out from behind a bush or phone booth and surprise the unsuspecting target. Entertainment Tonight also reported that during Lohan’s recent visit to The View, she revealed that “[the contestants] win money and the proceeds go to charity.”

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Over the last few months, Lohan has been making a concerted effort to return to the limelight in a positive way. Following the very public fallout from her engagement to Egor Tarabasov, Lohan has taken a step back to ostensibly focus on her own well-being and career. This included wiping her social media accounts to start fresh, moving into more political and philanthropic work and now, it would appear, starting a new phase of her career as an actor and television show host.
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After the last few roller coaster-like years, I firmly believe Lohan totally deserves to have her career back on track. It’s nice to see her really putting in the work and setting up a viable comeback that also looks like lots of fun.

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