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Yolanda Hadid Is About to Tackle the Slippery Slope That Is Momagers

Yolanda Hadid knows what it is to handle strong personalities. She spent four season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, after all. But handling momagers (aka mom managers) just seems like a whole other ball game.

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But it’s a game Hadid apparently wants to play, because she’s signed up to host Lifetime’s new reality competition show Model Moms, where teen models and their momagers will face off in the hopes of winning and getting signed to Hadid’s company.

I know Hadid has been involved in the careers of her superstar daughters, Bella and Gigi Hadid, but the concept for this show just seems to be taking the drama to another level, which I suppose is what reality TV is all about. I’m just picturing Dance Moms meets Real Housewives, am I right?

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I’m honestly surprised Hadid would take on this gig given the superstar power her daughters have right now. You’d think she’d just want to bask in their fame and get out of reality TV. Not to mention, she’s also helping to develop the career of her son, Anwar. She must like being busy, plus, if Kris Jenner can do it then I guess Yolanda Hadid can too.

Side note: Please tell me Kris Jenner will be making a guest appearance. After all, Kendall Jenner is good friends with the Hadids, so it could totally happen. Not to mention if the daughters themselves make appearances.

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Will you watch Model Moms with Yolanda Hadid?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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