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Katie Aselton Has the Most Honest Response About How She Relates to Legion‘s Amy

Mamas Make Change
Image: SheKnows/Candace Napier

Seven episodes into Legion, and we can safely say it’s been a wild ride.

OK, that’s an understatement. This is more like it:

So when we were offered an interview with David’s sister Amy herself, Katie Aselton, we jumped at the opportunity. “Let’s ask her all the Legion questions!” we exclaimed, fists raised to the sky. (And by “we,” I mean me. Just me.) 

But it isn’t just Legion that’s been keeping Aselton busy: She’s become the unofficial spokesperson for having a healthy sex life — specifically parents‘ sex life.

I’m not even kidding. Please check out her PSA for Plum’s Do Your Part(ner) campaign. (Great name, right?)

The campaign, an empowering social movement, grabs parents by the shoulders, shakes them and basically says, “Don’t feel guilty. Have sex. Your family will thank you for it.” And if you don’t believe it, just let this statistic sink in: Eighty-eight percent of parents think having a good sex life is essential to their family’s happiness.

Believe it now?

Hear from Aselton herself about the campaign, her family life, raising daughters and, yes, Legion.

SheKnows: You’re the star of Plum Organics’ new PSA, which encourages all parents to make love! Tell us how and why you got involved in this.

Katie Aselton: In addition to being a longtime fan of Plum Organics (their Puffs and pouches saved my life while we were on the go when my kids were little!), I love how they’re creating an open dialogue about the real lives of modern parents. It’s an important topic and one that I am very passionate about.

The Do Your Part(ner) campaign is all about empowering parents to make time for themselves and their relationships, sans guilt. As a mother of two, I can personally attest that if your relationship with your significant other isn’t solid, parenting can feel lonely and harder than it already is sometimes, so I’m thrilled to be partnering with the Plum Organics team to encourage parents to get busy!

SK: Relationships are hard. How would you recommend parents navigate through the tough times together and keep the love alive?

KA: I think the key is to stay connected, to remember that you are both on the same team and to cut each other some slack when you fall short.

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SK: Give us a snapshot of what a day in the life of Katie Aselton — when home with the family — looks like. Who makes breakfast? Who’s the “discipliner” of the household?

KA: A typical weekday for us starts around 6:30… Mark (my husband) and I try to alternate who gets the first shift and who gets to sleep in for another 30 to 45 minutes, but we usually end up both downstairs by 7:15 and are both their getting breakfasts and lunches going. Getting shoes on our girls is, for some reason, our biggest challenge, so as long as we begin to wage that battle around 7:30, we can be out the door by 7:50 to get the girls to school on time. Then we are all usually home by 5 p.m. for a 5:30 dinner together, which I think is not only really important, but something I really love. I feel pretty lucky to be doing this all with a partner who shares similar parenting beliefs, but if it came down to it, I would say I’m definitely the discipliner of the family. I’m super-aware how lucky we are, and I never for a minute want our girls to take that for granted.

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SK: Sex is still kind of a taboo conversation in society. Thoughts on that?

KA: It is and it isn’t really. It’s certainly less taboo than it ever has been. Women are more empowered now than ever, but we still have a long way to go. Removing the shame and embarrassment from the conversation is a start. Knowing that if you and your partner are having a lull that doesn’t mean that you’re failing or a bad wife or husband.

SK: What are other movements or causes you’re passionate about?

KA: There’s a lot right now…I think our world needs more people caring about things much bigger than themselves.

SK: Do you think actors and influencers with large platforms should use their voice to enact change? Why or why not?

KA: Absolutely if that is something that they want to do. One of the privileges of what we do is that we have access to a larger audience, and with social media, we can have an ongoing conversation with that audience. And conversation — talking and listening — is where I believe change starts.

SK: This year, SheKnows is launching a franchise called #MamasMakeChange, which encourages moms to enact change in their lives — whether that be in their community, politics or just their own personal finances. What are some aspects of your life you feel like your enacting or encouraging change?

KA: I am raising two daughters to (I hope) be strong, confident, self-reliant, passionate, socially aware young women. That is the challenge I face every morning. One of the ways I try to do that is to be the working mother that I am, to show them what it looks like to set a goal and complete it, to dream big and follow that dream while staying grounded and centered and present for my family, to give back where and when I can and to include them in the giving.

SK: The Legion comic has a crazy backstory and the show is even stranger to watch. While you were researching the story and your role as Amy Haller, what was it about the comic that grabbed you most or was most interesting? Was it as confusing to research as it was watching the first couple of episodes?

Amy and David Legion
Image: FX

KA: Honestly, it was the sibling relationship between Amy and David that I loved. The loyalty and protectiveness you feel for the other and the fear that they might not be OK and how that affects your decisions — that was a really cool dynamic to explore. And, yeah, Noah’s storytelling is mind-boggling. It was a wild ride for sure!

SK: For viewers who know nothing about the comic, what do they need to know before jumping into this show about David’s backstory and the Legion comic in general?

KA: Nothing. The show pulls from the comic book. But like Noah [Hawley] did with Fargo, the world he has created with Legion really stands on its own.

SK: What can you tell us about the Devil with the Yellow Eyes? It’s terrifying and we’re already seeing sites come up with theories about who and what he is (is he The Shadow King? A figment of David’s imagination?!). Any hints as to its identity that you can give?

KA: I don’t think you really want me to tell you…

SK: In what ways do you identify with Amy? And what aspects of her were toughest to tap into?

KA: I grew up in a family where we didn’t really talk about our issues. There was a lot of concealing what is bothering us behind a smile, which is Amy’s signature move. The toughest was maybe looking comfortable in that wild wardrobe.

SK: And we have to ask: What would your reaction be to doing The Ultimate League: The Movie because we miss The League so much!

KA: I love the boys of The League so much. I would have a hard time ever saying no to spending time with them.

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