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12 Ways Timothy McGee Is Basically the New Tony on NCIS

When Michael Weatherly announced he was leaving NCIS at the end of Season 13, fans freaked out appropriately. It was unclear if the popular CBS series would continue to be a success without him and his beloved character, Tony DiNozzo.

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Well, it certainly hasn’t lost its touch and has somehow managed to be just as entertaining without Tony. Maybe that has something to do with Timothy McGee (Sean Murray). Thanks to Tony’s exit, McGee has found himself at the front and center of most episodes and even the cases.

He’s finally getting his shining star moment that he’s deserved since the beginning of NCIS. If you think about it, McGee has become the new Tony of NCIS. Of course, there is no replacing the original DiNozzo and McGee is absolutely his own person. However, sometimes we can’t help but look at McGee and think how much he reminds us of Tony.

Plus, both McGee and Murray have managed to become even more attractive over the years. If you’ve been watching Season 14, then this is something you’ve probably noticed. If not, then you really need to start paying attention more.

And with that, here are just a few ways McGee is the new Tony of NCIS. Yes, his dashing good looks that can make most anyone swoon is on the list.

1. He’s now senior field agent

Bishop, McGee, Torres, Quinn
Image: Patrick McElhenney/CBS

That’s right, McGee finally got a much-deserved promotion in Season 14. Like Tony, you can now call him, “Very Special Agent Timothy McGee.”

2. He takes pictures like this

Yes, that is McGee. And we know, he is smokin’.

3. He can rock a tux

Tony always looked good in a tux, and guess what? So does McGee.

4. Facial hair does him good

We like scruff and clearly McGee knows how to satisfy us in that department.

5. He sometimes lies to women

Delilah Fielding, NCIS
Image: Tumblr

Remember when he kept lying to his fiancée Delilah about his apartment’s history? Yeah, that’s something Tony totally would’ve done too.

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6. He lives in Tony’s old apartment

McGee, Bishop, Abby, DiNozzo Sr.
Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Speaking of his apartment, McGee now lives in Tony’s old apartment. Come on!

7. His style is on point

Quinn and McGee
Image: Bill Inoshita/CBS

McGee’s style has definitely transformed into something we can’t stop staring at. He surely knows how to strut his stuff in this coat.

8. He’s a badass

NCIS McGee Running
Image: Patrick McElhenney/CBS

Every now and again McGee impresses by channeling his badass side. For example, that time he was training for a marathon in Season 14, showed off his running skills and tackled a suspect? McGee’s got it going on.

9. He’s charming

Image: Tumblr

This is pretty much a given. All he has to do is smile and we’re melting.

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10. He can make most people laugh

Tony and McGee
Image: Giphy

There’s no doubt Tony provided the majority of the comic relief before he departed, but McGee is certainly no stranger to making us laugh every now and again.

11. There’s more than meets the eye

McGee and Tony
Image: Giphy

Similar to Tony (and most characters), there is much more to McGee than his outward appearance, his love of computers and him being a so-called geek. None of that defines him or makes up 100 percent of who he is as an individual.

12. He’s grown exponentially

Tony, McGee, Delilah
Image: Giphy

If you think back to the first episode McGee ever appeared in (Season 1, Episode 7), he was a completely different person than he is today. He has confidence as an agent and a man. Oh, and he became more comfortable women, so much so he will soon marry Delilah. He’s obviously become a successful and talented part of NCIS. Gibbs’ team wouldn’t be the same without him.

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As much as we miss Tony, we’re not complaining one bit that McGee is pretty much the leading man of NCIS now.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

NCIS Tony DiNozzo slideshow
Image: CBS

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