Missy Robertson Deserved a Steal During The Voice Battles

If tonight’s Battles were any indication, the remaining contestants on The Voice have a tough road ahead. Unfortunately, several talented artists have already been sent packing, and for a few, the early exit was not deserved.

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Team Alicia’s Missy Robertson, an insanely talented singer received plenty of praise this evening, but didn’t make it to the next round of the competition.

Missy Robertson
Image: NBC

Robertson certainly had to put up a fight; she faced off against Anatalia Villaranda while performing “Tightrope,” and they both sounded amazing. That being said, Robertson was arguably the more consistent of the two artists.

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The problem may not have been Robertson’s vocal chops, but rather, her body language. Villaranda wasn’t perfect, but she was animated. Adam Levine commented on Villaranda’s energy, referring to her as a wind-up toy. He hoped, however, that Robertson’s “tremendous voice” wasn’t lost on the others. He even claimed, “I might be, in this moment, more attracted to what you were doing, Missy.”

Alicia Keys struggled to choose between the two powerful singers, but she ultimately opted for Villaranda. She referred to the winner of this tough, tough Battle as the “female Bruno Mars.”

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We get that each coach has different priorities and that it’s excruciating for them to choose between two deserving artists. Not to mention, we don’t see everything the coaches see. They have a lot of factors to take into account, such as each musician’s potential for growth. On that basis, an argument could be made for keeping Villaranda. But that doesn’t explain why none of the coaches bothered to snatch up Robertson for their own teams — especially after they offered up such effusive praise.

Robertson was, no doubt, disappointed, but she took the bad news well, claiming on Twitter to be “extremely humbled” by the strong support she received from her fans.

Hopefully, Robertson isn’t too discouraged by her swift exit on The Voice. Success is the best revenge, so we hope she proves the judges wrong and makes a name for herself without the show’s help.

What did you think of Missy Robertson’s performance on The Voice? Did she deserve to go home so soon? Comment and share your opinion below.

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