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Princess Diana’s Honeymoon Sounds a Lot like How We Spend Our Sunday Afternoons

Being part of the British royal family definitely looks exhausting. But newly rediscovered letters Princess Diana sent to her personal secretary reveal it’s so much more work than we ever imagined.

The letters, which are set to go up for auction next month, are dated from the early ’80s, when Diana married Prince Charles and gave birth to her first son.

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In one 1981 letter, Diana wrote from the Royal Yacht Britannia, where she was celebrating her wedding to Charles: “The honeymoon was a perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep.”

Sure, a honeymoon is supposed to be relaxing. But it’s also a time to have fun and celebrate with your new spouse. The fact that Diana considered it an opportunity to catch some Z’s only shows how hard she was working.

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Another letter, dated just after Prince William was born in 1982, show that Diana was overwhelmed at the time with being a new mother and with dealing with people who wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday, which was just weeks after she gave birth.

“I have never been more confused than on my birthday as presents and telegrams were pouring in for W at KP as well as my own — so at the moment I just seem to be churning out letters!” she wrote, though she also revealed that she wanted to be sure the palace staff wasn’t “exhausted, overworked and underpaid.” All this as she was writing 24,000 thank you notes for the gifts she and William received. Yes, you read that right: 24,000.

And with that, I think I need a nap myself.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Princess Diana slideshow
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