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Jennifer Lopez Just Answered Our Most Burning Question About Marc Anthony

It’s no secret at all the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have nailed their post-divorce relationship.

But just because we already know they’re the reigning champs of friendly co-parenting doesn’t mean we don’t love hearing them talk about it.

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J.Lo appeared on Live With Kelly this week, where host Kelly Ripa pointed out that thing we all know to be the gospel truth: “I’ve got to tell you, you and Marc Anthony have this not-together couple thing down pat.”

“We’re like, best friends,” Lopez replied. “We’re making an album right now.”

After a long pause to allow for all the studio audience’s cheering, Lopez continued, “Actually he’s helping me make my Spanish album. At first, I was like, we’re good with the kids and everything, but if we start working together, are we going to start going at each other again? And it’s been awesome. Honestly, I think it’s even helped our relationship. It’s made things even better. We’re just in a really great place. It’s great. The kids get to spend time with the two of us more together and see us working together. It’s good for them. It’s good for us. It’s good for the whole family.”

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And then Ripa, hero that she is, asked the question that all of us wonder pretty much constantly.

“Let me ask you a question, and you don’t have to answer this at all,” she said. “Would you ever consider remarrying him?”

And Lopez’s heartbreaking response?

“No! No, no,” she answered. “I think we’re really good the way we are. We’re always going to be great friends. I’m always going to be there for him; he’s always going to be there for me. We share something very special in the kids, and we know that. We’re there for them, and that’s the main thing.”

OK, maybe that’s true for now. But with all this working together (and the suspicious fact that Lopez never once mentioned her rumored beau, Alex Rodriguez), we’re not giving up hope that these two could, one day, make our dreams come true by reconciling.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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