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John Oliver Exposes the Malice Behind Donald Trump’s Proposed Budget

Remember when John Oliver thought that his show might be able to focus on something other than the Trump presidency? So much for that. You can’t blame the guy; each week, Trump comes up with something more ridiculous than the last.

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Sure, Oliver set aside a little time to chat about the traffic zebras in Bolivia (spoiler: they’re amazing!) but the bulk of tonight’s episode was — you guessed it — Trump talk. And that’s perfectly understandable, given the horror of a budget that emerged last week.

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If you’re not yet in the know, the Trump administration indends to amp up defense spending while slashing a variety of very important programs. This is all, supposedly, in the name of reducing regulations and taxes, and making America open for business.

John Oliver
Image: HBO

We’ve all heard about how the exact programs Trump intends to cut are the ones his constituents need most. But what pundits haven’t discussed in-depth is the sheer malice behind the budget’s most draconian endeavors. Many of the programs receiving the axe constitute a minuscule portion of the budget, yet consistently deliver on their promises and make our country a better place. Trump is supposedly such a great businessman; he should know better than to cut departments that outperform.

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As Oliver put it: “You don’t cut these agencies as a cost-saving measure. You do it as a fuck you.” He then compared Trump’s awful budget to wining and dining Mitt Romney before gleefully denying the position you’ve dangled in front of his nose. It’s not necessary and it’s in very bad form, so of course, it’s the approach that best fits Trump.

If there’s a silver lining to all this, it’s that people are finally beginning to catch on to Trump’s shenanigans. Yes, we’ve said that before, but as mentioned earlier, a lot of people who supported Trump are going to be greatly hurt by his budget’s provisions. Until then, it’s up to the rest of us to keep putting on the pressure and standing up for the programs we once took for granted.

What do you think of John Oliver’s take on the Trump administration’s budget proposal? Is it pure malice, or does he really want to trim the fat? Comment and share your opinion below.

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