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The Walking Dead Should Surprise Us All and Let Sasha Live

Admittedly, as far as episodes of The Walking Dead go, this week’s wasn’t exactly a barn-burner. Outside a total tearjerker of a moment between Maggie and Daryl, the biggest turn of events proved to be Rosita and Sasha enacting their plan to storm the castle… or, as it were, Negan’s compound.

Before we go any further, this is your obligatory spoiler alert — keep reading and you will undoubtedly learn about some of the most pertinent plot points of this week’s TWD.

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Back to the subject of Rosita and Sasha. Let’s get real for a hot minute. We can all agree this was the most endearing Rosita has been in months, right? She actually opened up to Sasha. We got to learn a bit more of her backstory (and how she came to be a feminist badass) and she didn’t directly cause anyone’s death… yet, that is. Because as you well know if you tuned in, Sasha’s fate is currently hanging in the balance. The whole thing went down essentially according to plan, albeit sooner than expected.

When the Saviors unexpectedly dropped by Hilltop, it sent everyone scrambling. Maggie and Daryl, who are still considered rogue by Negan, hid in the pantry to avoid being seen. This, of course, was the site of the tender (read: heartbreaking) moment between Maggie and Daryl in which Daryl apologized for causing Glenn’s death. And because Maggie is so amazing, she insists to Daryl that it wasn’t his fault.

He cries. She cries. I cry. You cry. It’s was a virtual sobfest, and to be honest, we could all have used that loving embrace they shared after cracking our souls open and exposing the sad little person inside still mourning Glenn.

But, I digress.

Amid the chaos of the Saviors’ arrival, Sasha takes Rosita through a secret passageway hidden in the log pile. Once on the outside of the encampment, they affirm their resolve to follow through with their original plan.

At first, they don’t so much as trade any pleasantries — especially when Rosita sees the necklace she made for Abe hanging around Sasha’s neck. I’m drawing a blank here: Did Abe give the necklace Rosita gave him to Sasha? Do we remember a moment like that? ‘Cause, if so, ew. Not cool, dude.

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However, once they make it to the tower from which they plan to sniper-shoot Negan, Rosita and Sasha actually take the time to talk and get to know each other more. An emotional Rosita reveals that she regrets never telling Abe she was glad he was happy, and it’s a sort of catharsis for them both.

When Eugene blocks their shot of Negan, they decide to change plans and save Eugene first. The only hitch? Eugene, in his newfound position of power, refuses to be saved. He heads inside, presumably to alert the others, and Rosita and Sasha once again have to pivot.

This time, though, Sasha doesn’t share her plans with Rosita. Rather, she locks her out, telling her it’s “not your time.” Le sigh. Why does it have to be Sasha? Yes, we know she just landed a starring role in another show, but there’s no rule against starring in two shows, right?!

Besides, let’s think about this from the standpoint of cliffhangers — which is, naturally, what we wound up with this week as Sasha ran into Negan’s compound in a desperate bid to complete their mission.

If she does die, that’s pretty damn predictable, no? It’s what we would all be expecting, especially having the context of her new job fresh in our heads. So maybe, just maybe, TWD will pivot this time… maybe Sasha won’t die.

Maybe the shadowy figure who appears before Rosita (my money is on Dwight) decides to help Rosita rescue Sasha. Maybe Negan won’t kill Sasha, but he will imprison her like he did with Daryl.

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If the show wants to go with the element of surprise, they’ll keep Sasha around for a little bit longer as opposed to killing her off at this particular junction. Truth be told, if someone’s gotta go, we’d rather it be Rosita. Sorry, Rosie — our loyalty on this one lies with Sasha.

What do you think? Is Sasha going to die?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Walking Dead deaths slideshow
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