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Sister Wives‘ Mariah Brown Isn’t Afraid to Show Some Social Media PDA to Her GF

The Sister Wives family and viewing community had some pretty mixed feelings when Meri and Kody Brown’s 21-year-old daughter Mariah came out as gay.

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Since then, though, the family seems to have come around and embraced Mariah’s identity, even going so far as to participate in a local Women’s March with her.

Now, Mariah appears to have a girlfriend, and her family even participates in their adorable exchanges on Twitter. Good for the Brown family for showing that love is greater than religion.

Anyway, about those Twitter exchanges. Mariah and her girlfriend, Audrey Kriss, have the sweetest back-and-forth conversations on social media, giving all of us a glimpse into their love for each other. It looks like they were friends before they started dating, which only makes their bond stronger.

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The two started tweeting at each other and dropping subtle hints about their romance in the beginning of January. The first photo they posted together was at the Women’s March — along with some other friends.

They dropped sweet hints about the time they spent just casually hanging out:

And a cute photo from their date night at a painting class:

Image: Mariah Brown/Instagram

Mariah’s mom, Meri, commented on that photo about taking both ladies out to a painting class when they’re all in town together. That’s a pretty big departure from Meri’s less-than-stoked reaction when Mariah first came out.

Can we just go ahead and nominate Mariah and Audrey for 2017’s cutest couple award? They’ve already earned it.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

sister wives kids slideshow
Image: Sister Wives/Facebook

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