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Kanye West Really, Really Wants to Work with NASA, but NASA’s Like, ‘Nah’

Time to get out the tinfoil hats, folks. Things are about to get strange AF.

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Earlier this week, our lives were so different. We were just going about our normal business, living the best we knew how. Then — bam! — reports break out that Kanye West is allegedly collaborating with NASA, and all of sudden I’m like, “Is the room spinning? Or is it just me and this sudden case of being blindsided?” Just so you don’t get hit by the same wave of WTF-induced worry, I’ll repeat: Kanye West may or may not be working on a secret project with NASA.

Kanye Shrug
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The entire series of events that precipitated this report lives in a shroud of mystery, so you’ll have to take everything you read from here on out as speculation. Well, reasonable speculation, because I have some serious receipts. Additionally, you should know that West’s reps vigorously denied West’s involvement with whatever this project may be and went so far as to denounce it as a “hoax.” However, I would like to add two points:

  1. The histrionics displayed by West’s reps seem to fit in with this enigmatic project.
  2. If Kanye West and NASA are not behind this, whoever is has some serious explaining to do.
Kanye No
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Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? This all started with a box. A mystery box with a few mystery items.
This mystery box was sent to the MTV offices on March 15 and stumped all who gazed upon it. The first mysterious item was a VHS tape with “E Pluribus Unum” (Latin for “out of many, one”) written on it. The tape contained about two hours of footage, which was only white noise and a static shot of, well, static. Cool. Not creepy at all.

Aside from giving people the serious heebies, is Kanye teasing something major here? I can’t hear a hidden message in this white noise, nor can I make out anything substantial in the static. If you see anything, help the fam out and let us know. This is so next-level eerie, I don’t know how to deal. And yet, surprisingly, this isn’t even the weirdest thing about the project.

Accompanying the videotape was a white card that looked like a credit card.

On it were the words “NASA,” “Kanye West,” “Project 10” and an expiration date of Aug. 10. In the center was a nine-digit number. It turns out that number is the address of the website playing that creepy video on a loop. Interestingly, those same words on the card can also be seen on the site. The numbers don’t appear to have a specific correlation to anything like a date, geographic coordinates or even numbers related to anything Kanye-ish. Again, what the hell is going on here?

The cherry on top of this weird, weird sundae is that poster above, pictured right, which shows the website address, “E Pluribus Unum” and West’s name displayed prominently on either side of a photo of the moon’s surface. When you begin to think about things like the moon, Kanye, mystery and hoaxes and then you see that poster, the picture starts to form about what might be going on here.

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So, this leads me to my pressing questions, all based on this odd AF evidence being presented to us:

1. Is Kanye West about to release new music inspired by secret NASA projects?

Kanye Smile
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2. Does West have information about whether or not we landed on the moon and is releasing that information with NASA’s blessing soon (say, Aug. 10)?

Kanye What?
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3. Is West teasing an entirely new, nonmusical project that involves NASA or even the remotest references to outer space?

Kanye Befuddled
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4. Has West traveled to the Upside Down and brought back proof and that proof is playing in a constant loop on a weird website?

Kanye Realness
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5. Has West lost his marbles?

Kanye Stressed
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Only time will tell, but suffice it to say, I’m equal parts intrigued and creeped out.

What do you think Kanye West’s trying to tell us all? Let us know in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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