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Samantha Bee Wants You to Stop Protesting and Start Voting

Donald Trump loves to downplay the liberal resistance, claiming that it’s instigated by Democratic operatives. Unfortunately, for once, he’s right — no, there is no grand scheme orchestrated by maniacal liberals, but he is correct that the resistance is way less powerful than protesters claim. Why else are seemingly strong Democratic candidates losing local elections as of late?

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Clearly, the same people who are willing to march outside in the cold all day can’t be bothered to actually vote. Turnout in recent elections has been dismal, as Samantha Bee pointed out during tonight’s episode of Full Frontal.

Upset by her party’s clear nonchalance, Bee exclaimed, “I take back all the times I defended liberal snowflakes against the charge that they need participation trophies.” And she’s right — you don’t deserve a trophy if you don’t even participate!

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According to some delusional pundits, Democrats are currently going out of their way to vote for their favorite candidates. Apparently, they’re willing to crawl over broken glass in order to get out the vote (according to Bee, this is Jeff Sessions’ new plan for Election Day).

Samantha Bee
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As Bee points out, it will take a Democratic Congress to either impeach Trump or severely limit his power. How in the world are we supposed to achieve that if all the people who profess to hate Trump stay home on voting day?

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To be fair, this isn’t all on voters. Clearly, candidates are not doing a good job of getting out the vote. Local politicians need to make a more compelling case for why their constituents should appear at the polls during a month other than November. People should know exactly when local elections take place and how they can participate.

There’s nothing wrong with showing up at a protest. It’s a great way to voice your support or dissent. Ultimately, however, the voting booth is more important. It’s high time we do our research, keep up to date on local elections and actually bother to vote.

Do you agree with Samantha Bee? Do Democrats need to stop emphasizing protests and start showing up at the voting booth? Comment and share your opinion below.

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