How The Young and the Restless Wasted Elizabeth Hendrickson’s Return

When Elizabeth Hendrickson’s return to The Young and the Restless as Chloe Mitchell was announced last spring, fans rejoiced. However, her character’s storyline over the last year has left viewers scratching their heads. Why did Y&R bring Hendrickson back if they didn’t know what to do with her character?

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Now the rumor that Hendrickson’s contract hasn’t been renewed has everyone looking for the real reasons her storyline was so weak this year. She has exited the show before to pursue other acting opportunities, but this time around it feels different. It looks like she got caught up in the shift to a new showrunner and head writer.

Former head writer Chuck Pratt Jr. was the one who brought Hendrickson back on the show, but then left to head the Fox show Star. Once head writer Sally Sussman came back into the Y&R fold last September, she returned with her own ideas to restore Y&R to its former glory.

Sussman spoke to TVLine about the characters she wanted to focus on and the list didn’t include Chloe.

“I see eight stalwarts. They are the indispensables,” said Sussman. “In no particular order: Nikki, Victor, Jack, Ashley, Nick, Sharon, Billy and Victoria.”

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In that same interview, she revealed that Adam Newman was dead and the character would not be resurrected with a new actor playing the role after Justin Hartley departed for This Is Us.

“I’m not playing it at all. Adam is off the show,” she explained. “And Justin Hartley will never be back. He’s too successful now. He’s gone.”

What’s curious about these statements now is that viewers know it was Chloe who shot Adam Newman with the tranquilizer dart. If you keep Adam dead on Y&R, it doesn’t leave many places for Chloe to go except out the exit door. There’s no conflict left for Hendrickson’s character since she’s been painted into a corner — no romance and no interest in the paternity of her daughter, Bella.

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According to Daytime Confidential, CBS won’t comment on Hendrickson’s contract, but it may not be the last of Hendrickson altogether.

A source told the soap opera site, “Elizabeth only signed on for a year. She’s still there through spring and could stick around on recurring.”

Even with a recurring status on Y&R, it still makes us wonder: Why did they bring her back with no place for the story to go?

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