Dawson Coyle Is the Perfect Addition to The Voice‘s Team Blake

Blake Shelton has a bit of a reputation on The Voice. He’s a country guy, so of course he loves to work with fellow country artists.

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Shelton has no reason to apologize. His approach has garnered repeated wins. He boasts a clear understanding of what appeals to the show’s audience, plus the willingness to play dirty, when necessary. Still, a lot of critics seem to think he could use a little branching out (never mind the fact that one of his biggest successes thus far involved R&B artist Jermaine Paul).

Dawson Coyle
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Tonight, Shelton added some much-needed pop to his Season 12 lineup. Dawson Coyle — latest member of Team Blake — certainly deserves the honor; his rendition of “Happiness” was light and enjoyable, just as it was supposed to be. It was also extra meaningful given his family’s recent struggles. As he explained during his intro segment, his home burned down, destroying his mother’s work space and his beloved musical equipment.

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Coyle took solace in his church community and in his music. Both made him realize that he has a lot to be thankful for, even in the face of such loss. He chose his song accordingly; the lyrics mention a “homesick heart,” but also the importance of his “pursuit of happiness.”

Shelton turned around not only because of Coyle’s vocal chops, but also because of his clear passion for music. The coach exclaimed, “I’ve only heard you one time, but man, I believe you.”

Coyle is exactly what Team Blake needs right now. Shelton is looking to capture votes from the pop audience, and he claims that he’s “never had anybody quite like [Coyle].” If Coyle goes far on the show, Shelton will once again prove that he can successfully coach artists from a wide range of genres.

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Tearjerkers are a dime a dozen during the first few episodes of The Voice, but it was nice to hear Coyle’s tale of hope and gratitude. If he pours this much passion into every performance, he’s sure to go far. We’re looking forward to seeing more of him as Season 12 progresses!

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