Prince William's Reported 'Flirting' Gets Blown Way out of Proportion

Mar 14, 2017 at 6:32 p.m. ET
Image: Mario Mitsis/

Just because Prince William has a conversation at a bar with a woman who happens to be a model doesn't mean he and the former Kate Middleton are on the rocks. Nor does it mean that he was doing anything other than enjoying a night out with friends.

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But, of course, since it was an Australian model named Sophie Taylor, the tabloids had a field day.

"If I were Kate, I wouldn't be very pleased to see my husband living it up with two stunning girls," The Sun reported.

But here's the thing, Prince William wasn't off on some romantic vacation with two stunning models. He was out with friends for drinks while on a ski trip, and Kate Middleton was well aware of Prince William's actions.

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"Kate knew he was going away on this trip. They're hardworking parents," a source told Us Weekly. Adding, "They had planned the trip a long time ago, and he was looking forward to a weekend away to have fun. Occasionally, dad has to let his hair down! It was all clean, harmless fun."

As for Taylor, she's reportedly just as horrified by the reports since she herself is in a serious relationship.

I think we can all agree that rumor is an attempt to search for a fire when there isn't even smoke.

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