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Our Very Tasteful Cast List for Bachelor in Paradise, Because Raven Deserves Love

Last night was so awkward, right? The Bachelor ended in heartbreak for all of America when Nick Viall chose Vanessa Grimaldi and then every interaction they had was cold and cringeworthy and the distance between them was literally palpable. Meanwhile, sweet, sweet Raven Gates was sent packing. It was hard to watch, but realistically, probably for the best.

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Now that that horror show is over, it’s time to focus on what’s really important: Bachelor In Paradise. Gates is already a confirmed member of the cast as of last night (that wasn’t just Chris Harrison pressuring her into it, right?). We want to see her fall in love, dang it. Get that girl on a plane to Mexico before she changes her mind!

No premiere date has been set for BIP‘s fourth season, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to wait to figure out our dream cast of Bachelor franchise rejects we want to see get drunk and make out on the beach. And since we’re so in love with Gates, we want that beach filled with guys who would be perfect for her. Without further ado, here’s every Bachelor dude we want to see at Playa Escondida, just to win Raven Gates’ heart.

1. Chris Soules

Image: ABC

This one’s a no-brainer. Gates is a Southern girl through and through — her hottest date with Nick Viall involved rolling around and making out in a mud bog. Prince Farming is the single perfect man for her. And there’s good news: He’s already been offered the gig!

“They called last year and this year,” Soules told Us Weekly. Perfect. Done.

Oh. Wait.

“I don’t think my schedule will allow it honestly,” he added. “I don’t know. Honestly, it looks like a lot of fun… When I went to be the Bachelor, I went to find a wife and I take this really seriously. I don’t wanna go into something like that where I’m disingenuous, you know?… I don’t wanna make a fool of myself on national television.”

Ugh, Chris. We need this. But he sounds pretty on the fence, so let’s make sure we have some backup guys.

2. Josh Albers

Image: ABC

Albers is no Prince Farming, but he’s definitely a country boy. He works as a welder in Kuna, Idaho, which, as a fellow Idahoan, I can confirm is hella country. Plus, if they got married and Gates moved to Idaho, she and I could totally be best friends, right? No ulterior motives here.

3. Luke Pell

Image: ABC

OK, fine. I am the first to admit I am not a huge fan of Pell because I thought he was kind of boring — literally the only thing I remember about him from JoJo Fletcher’s season was when they got into a hot tub and I straight-up swooned at his abs. But pretty much all of Twitter wants this to happen, and I know better than to argue with the whole internet. I’m not rooting for this pairing just yet, but I’d watch BIP and see how it plays out.

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4. Jared Haibon

Image: ABC

Haibon might be the single sweetest guy ever to walk this Earth, which makes him just barely sweet enough for Gates. The only downside to this is that Ashley Iaconetti cannot, under any circumstances, be invited to the party this year. She is far too in love with Haibon and will sabotage every chance he has at love — we all saw how things played out for Caila Quinn last year — and Gates is too good to play that game.

5. James Taylor

Image: ABC

Everyone in America collectively fell in love with singer-songwriter Taylor when he exited the limo, guitar in hand, to sing JoJo Fletcher a love song on Night 1. He was sent home far too soon, and he deserves love almost as much as Gates does. It would be so sweet if they found it together.

6. Wells Adams

Image: ABC

Adams, who has a radio show in Nashville, is another country boy who would be so great for Gates. He’s family-oriented and a total sweetheart, and his ideal date is tacos, a live band and then sitting on his front porch. You can’t tell me Gates would not be down for that date.

7. Alex Woytkiw

Image: ABC

Woytkiw is the picture of chivalry — remember when he single-handedly took on the Chad Bear to protect JoJo Fletcher (and all the men in the house that psycho threatened to hunt down after the show was over)? Woytkiw clearly wasn’t right for Fletcher, but he’s obviously a sweetie, and I have the feeling some sparks would fly between him and Gates.

There you have it, ABC. If we could get just Raven Gates and these seven guys on BIP, that would be perfect. No need for anyone else. We’re totally fine with turning it into a mini Bachelorette featuring Gates and the beach. Make it happen!

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Bachelor in Paradise slideshow
Image: ABC

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