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Andrew Keegan’s Ushering His Spiritual Organization ‘Full Circle’ Into Phase 2

If you’re like me and you’ve wondered what Andrew Keegan has been up to since 10 Things I Hate About You and 7th Heaven, the answer is starting a church. No, seriously.

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But Keegan’s Venice-based “spiritual organization,” Full Circle, has been struggling, and he revealed on Instagram last week that he was shutting it down.

“Thank you Venice! Its been 33 months and we have co-created 969 spirited events within our ever evolving Full Circle community! Today is our last day!” he wrote alongside a collage of images of Venice, the people who went to Full Circle and maybe some kind of… crystal? It’s hard to tell.

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Keegan confirmed to Page Six that he was forced to close Full Circle’s doors, but that he now has “an investor on the table” and plans to rebrand the organization as something a little different.

Full Circle “did close down, we did stop our organization as far as operations,” Keegan explained, but soon after, the mystery investor offered funding to reopen the center.

“We’re reveling in some success with this… at the same time it continues to be a pretty dynamic workflow to take it to the next level,” Keegan said. He went on the explain that Full Circle is going to move forward by focusing on wellness, offering its members “sound healing, educational, medical type practices, food and health.”

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Sunday services at Full Circle’s headquarters will resume in April. Also, Keegan said, the organization plans to hold a community town hall with Snapchat’s founding company to discuss how startups are driving up rent and property increases in Venice — one of the things that’s made it so difficult for Full Circle to operate there.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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