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J.Lo Pulls the Ol’ Post-and-Delete With a Photo of Herself Snuggling A-Rod

J.Lo and A-Rod just seem like an inevitability given their names. They are two famous people who go by their first initial and the first syllable of their last name, which put together creates a new glitzier, fancier but also kind of more annoying name. Has there ever been a better match made more in heaven than that? We think not.

And so, when we heard rumors that the pair were dating, we were like, “What?!” But also like, “Cool.” Because it makes sense. Even though we’re not really sure whether to believe the hype, because Drake. (In case you somehow missed it, Jennifer Lopez and Drake “dated” for a hot minute, creating the monster that was DraLo, though we’re 99 percent sure it was a weird PR stunt.)

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The A-Rod-J.Lo saga has been running the normal celebrity-dating course — you know, whispered about then spotted together in the Bahamas, the usual. But then, in a special twist that just screams “21st century,” J.Lo apparently posted and then quickly deleted a shot of herself lounging with A-Rod to her Instagram story yesterday. But, because the internet is the internet, there are plenty of screen grabs out there, so don’t worry.

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Here’s one:

J-Rod pic
Image: JLo/Instagram

According to People, Lopez and the retired Yankees player stayed at the Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club over the weekend after they jetted there from Miami Friday night. “A-Rod has always been taken with the beauty and personality of Jennifer Lopez,” a source said. “She is his dream girl.”

Just call them J-Rod. Of course.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

long celeb couples slideshow
Image: Ivan Nikolov/

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