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Chrissy Teigen Shuts Down Judgy Internet Strangers With Four Words

Something strange happens to people when you have a baby.

At first, it’s all congratulations and smiles and baby showers.

And then gradually, people begin second-guessing what you eat (“Are you sure brie is OK when you’re pregnant?”), what you drink (“Well, no, one sip of wine probably won’t hurt the baby, but why would you ever take that risk?”) and what you do (“You’re still running? But you’re pregnant!”).

It doesn’t get any better when the baby’s born, either. Your every decision is judged and scrutinized, and literally nothing you do is right. If you breastfeed in public, you’re a harlot who enjoys flashing her tits at innocent strangers. If you bottle-feed, you’re denying your child nature’s most perfect substance, presumably out of pure spite. If you cloth diaper, you’re a smug hippie who thinks she’s better than everyone else. If you use disposables, you’re slowly killing the planet one shitty diaper at a time.

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It’s an incredibly hard line to walk, and although I’ve had many times when I’ve been overcome with gratitude at the way strangers have stepped in to help and encourage me since I became a parent four years ago, there have also been many times where I just wanted to snap, “Oh, you can just fuck right off!”

Chrissy Teigen isn’t just thinking it, though. She’s saying it.

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Teigen took to Twitter once again to bluntly call out her worst critics in her typical sharp-witted way, and I for one fucking love her for it.

In this one screenshot, there are four different terrible comments:

  • One attacks adorable baby Luna for her apparent lack of emotion (um, what the actual fuck?).
  • Two offer standard “OMG, your baby is freezing!” comments that all parents are used to hearing.
  • And the final one comes from someone incensed by the holes in Teigen’s pants, the corresponding holes in her brain (what does that even mean?) and her hat, which they deem too expensive.

Let’s break down this fuckery point by point.

First, baby Luna is the cutest thing ever, and we have absolutely zero tolerance for baby shaming, kid-shaming or sideline judgments about whether or not a child displays appropriate levels of emotion. Boy, bye.

Second, stop telling parents to put more clothing on their kids. Seriously, just stop. With younger kids, trust that their parents know what clothing is or is not appropriate for their own children. With older kids, trust that the child is adequately able to decide for themselves.

Case in point: My daughter is a heater. She never wants to wear clothes. Since she was 2 years old, we’ve had an agreement that she needs to wear pants, a shirt and shoes at the bare minimum, and I offer her additional sweaters and jackets and mitts and hats if I feel she needs them. From there on out, it’s her choice whether she wears them or not.

If she doesn’t wear them, guess what? She doesn’t die, she gets cold, at which point I point out that a sweater/coat/mitts/hat would have been a good idea, and she learns from natural consequences that she might want to make wiser decisions about her clothing next time.

And, whereas I would have written an overwrought 1,300-word blog post about how these terrible comments affected me and why they’re wrong, Teigen shuts it down with just four words: “Imagine being this miserable.”


I think I speak for all of us beleaguered parents (and my daughter, who to this day finds socks deeply offensive) when I say, Chrissy Teigen, thank you.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: Brian To/WENN

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