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Kristen Stewart Is Suffering From Phantom Hair Syndrome

Kristen Stewart may have chopped her hair into a platinum blonde buzz cut, but the urge to push her hair out of her face has not left her. Exhibit A: An amazing video in which Stewart tries to vamp for the cameras at the Los Angeles premiere of Personal Shopper but mostly just gets annoyed with herself for compulsively touching her absent hair.

Stewart appears to become more and more perturbed as she continues to raise her hands to move her nonexistent locks away from her face, which makes us realize two things: first, that people who shave their heads apparently experience phantom hair syndrome, and second, how overwhelming and distracting it must be to stand in front of a thousand flashbulbs per second. The whole process, as pointed out by Buzzfeed, is actually kind of fascinating.

Here’s the video:

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Stewart also showed off her new hair on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and got a little confused about how hair growth works. “I like the new hair,” Colbert told her.

“Thank you. It’s not new, it’s actually the oldest hair,” Stewart said.

“The oldest hair is the long hair,” Colbert said after an awkward pause.

“Actually, you’re right,” Stewart said, adorably adding, “I messed that up.” Since when is Stewart all of us?!

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Of course, because she is Kristen Stewart, both videos just makes us love her more. K-Stew: cooler than anyone you know, sexy as hell — but also totally relatable, because we bet that if we buzzed off our hair, we’d be out here trying to push it back and getting awkwardly worked up about it, too. Just not on a red carpet.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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