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Chanel and Pharrell Are Bringing Back the Murse

Purses are such a useful accessory, it’s honestly kind of dumb that society only normalizes them for women. Men have to carry things sometimes, too, you know? Why can’t they do it in a stylish leather shoulder bag? This is a thing that needs to be fixed.

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And Chanel is on it. The designer label, which makes purses and handbags that many of us covet but can’t afford, is making the murse (man purse) a thing — except without calling it a murse because that’s just terrible.

What’s even better is that Chanel has tapped Pharrell Williams to be the face of its gender-neutral bag line. Who better than the king of headwear? He could probably use purses to match all of his hats.

Also Pharrell and Chanel rhyme, so this is obviously a partnership that was meant to be.

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Designer Karl Lagerfeld told WWD that he designed the bag Williams models after being inspired by virtual reality goggles, which are worn by men and women, natch.

“It’s not very feminine in the sense of being chichi,” he added.

And Williams seems pretty stoked about his new accessory, which he actually carries with him on the daily.

“When I first started wearing it, I didn’t have anything in it. I was just so excited to have it,” he said. “But now I use it to carry my phone, and — you know — essential personal things.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t go into any further detail about what “essential personal things” he carries, which sucks because we’re dying to know what’s in a celeb’s murse.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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