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Miley Cyrus Just Wants to Live Her Best Life in a White Dress — That’s All

Updated March 14, 9 a.m. PT: The verdict is in, y’all: There was no secret wedding.

Cyrus’ rep confirmed that the photo Billy Ray posted that kicked off, like, a bajillion wedding rumors was just a great photo and that’s literally the only reason he posted it, because people do that.

[It was] just some great photos that happen to have been taken in a white dress,” Cyrus’ manager explained.

Honestly, Cyrus’ team should have seen this coming a mile away. Is anyone monitoring his social media use? White dress + cryptic message = all of the wedding rumors.

Original story:

If we’ve learned anything from Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s years-long roller coaster of a relationship, it’s that they’re going to do everything their own way. The rest of us can just sit back and speculate.

And boy, are we speculating. Cyrus’ dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, posted a photo on Twitter that’s sparking some ~theories~ about Cyrus and Hemsworth because, in the photo, she’s wearing a white top.

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“I’m so happy…you are happy @MileyCyrus,” Billy Ray wrote, alongside the pic of Miley, smiling giddily, in white. It’s at least a white shirt. It may even be a white dress. We really can’t tell, because the photo only shows her from the chest up. Regardless, basically all of Twitter is assuming it’s a wedding dress and that Cyrus and Hemsworth got secretly married.

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Hey, it’s possible that Cyrus and Hemsworth had a secret wedding. They were engaged in 2012 before they broke up in 2013, and when they got back together in 2015, they kept that a secret for a while. They’ve been much more private about their romance this time around, but rumors have still been flying that they’ve been trying to compromise on wedding details — reports say Cyrus wants something small and intimate while Hemsworth wants a big wedding with tons of friends and family. Maybe they did just say, “Screw it,” and tied the knot.

Or maybe Cyrus just wore white one time.

Could go either way.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth slideshow
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