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Can Grey’s Anatomy Just Make Merlex a Thing or Move On Already?

Grey’s Anatomy returned this week from a brief break, and things picked up pretty much where we left off — Eliza and Arizona becoming a ‘ship, Alex adjusting to life back at the hospital (with DeLuca as his assisting resident, no less) and the power coup created by Catherine still festering.

Naturally, several of those arcs moved forward this week. Eliza and Arizona were caught mid-kiss by Richard, which obviously blows the whole “we totally hate each other” charade they’ve been playing. It will be interesting to see how Richard handles being betrayed by his bestie.

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In a surprising twist, Alex and DeLuca seemed to get on pretty well with each other this week — even when DeLuca went behind Alex’s back on a surgery. He did so under direct orders from Nathan Riggs, whom Alex decidedly did not get on well with this week. At all.

As far as the power coup, well, that both improved and got worse. On one hand, most people are starting to come around to Eliza’s way of doing things and have dropped some of the initial hostility toward her. Arizona included, obviously.

On the other hand, the whole conflict is causing major drama between Catherine and Jackson, Catherine and Richard and Jackson and April. Let’s just say it was a rough week for Japril ‘shippers.

But let’s turn our attention to someone who stepped out of the game for a minute. No, not Amelia, who did return to the hospital after an extended period of hiding from Owen. If I’m really being honest, she’s been working my last nerve for weeks, so we’re just gonna put a pin in that for now.

You know who I want to talk about? Meredith.

We see that, following her visit last episode from Richard, Meredith took his gentle prodding to heart and headed back to her job at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. But here’s the rub: She doesn’t exactly seem any more mature on the other side of this ordeal.

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Unpopular opinion, I know. However, pulling Nathan aside to yell at him about the case he and Alex were working on was unprofessional and juvenile. Yes, she’s loyal, we get it. That’s great and all, but at this point in her career, you would seriously think she’d have a bit more on-the-job tact than that.

Meredith’s been sulky and sometimes petulant nearly the entire season, and we all gave her a pass because — hello! — who wouldn’t be mad at the world after losing Derek Shepherd?

At this point, though, it would be nice to see a bit more growth out of Meredith Grey. Maybe that starts with moving on. Nathan is clearly ready, as evidenced by the speech he gave her at the end of this week’s episode, declaring he’s all in if she is.

Or could sneaky Shonda Rhimes be setting this ‘ship adrift in another direction?

In the beginning of the episode, Meredith and Alex are sitting together in some sort of break room when Nathan walks in. He and Mer trade some playful barbs, and Alex comments that they should just be together if they want to. Of course, Meredith denies that’s what she wants, but Alex isn’t buying it.

Then Alex spends the entire episode finding fault with every decision Nathan makes. Meredith jumps to Alex’s defense every chance she gets. We’ve all circled around this idea before, but could Rhimes actually be setting into motion a romantic Merlex ‘ship?

With DeLuca and Jo warming up to each other, that part of the equation will likely take care of itself. Nothing is really standing in their way other than Nathan, and he seems highly aware of the fact that Meredith isn’t ready to commit to him right now.

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But is she ready to commit to someone else?

If you think about it, she basically already has. And I got the sneaking suspicion this week that Rhimes has something up her sleeve where Mer and Alex are concerned. Maybe then Meredith would quit being so damn salty all the time.

What do you think? Is Grey’s hinting at a Merlex ‘ship?

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