Hillary Clinton Celebrates International Women’s Day With Best Pantsuit Yet

In the wake of Trump’s inauguration and with women’s outcries for equality, Hillary Clinton has become a beacon for women and women’s rights all over the world.

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OK, so she didn’t win the election. But she has still earned her place in history and continues to do so by being a positive advocate for change.

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Thankfully, she also understands the awesomeness that is her varied pantsuits, and her red pantsuit was no exception. She basically walked like a beacon for women today. Wearing that alone, she didn’t even have to say anything this International Women’s Day. But, of course, she did and she had an inspiring message, which she shared with attendants of the Girls Inc. luncheon in New York City on Tuesday as she was honored as their Champion for Girls award.

“Sometimes the road to progress can feel like it’s two steps forward and one step back, particularly when it comes to advancing the rights and opportunities, and full participation of women and girls,” Clinton said, according to Us Weekly. “But the world is slowly and surely getting to where it needs to be.”

She continued, “Let us hope there is a wave of young women running for office in America, and let’s be sure we support them in every way we can. Let’s help them shatter stereotypes and lift each other up. They are the history-makers, the glass-ceiling breakers of tomorrow. They are among the reasons I am so optimistic about our future.”

Obviously, no pantsuit could accurate encompass all of Clinton’s powerful words for women, but it definitely completes the message in an awesome, symbolic way.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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