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We Still Have So Many Grimm Questions, but We’ve Also Got Finale Theories

It doesn’t seem possible that Grimm will soon be coming to an official end. On Friday, March 31, after six successful and exciting seasons, the NBC drama will say goodbye for good.

There’s no doubt Season 6, the last and final one, continues to deliver on many levels. Admittedly, we still have no idea how it’s all going to end, what that mysterious drawing on the cloth means, how that stick will most likely play into everything and what the heck is going on with that thing Juliette/Eve has come in contact with through the mirror.

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Yeah, there certainly has been a lot happening. But, how is it all going to wrap up? Who knows at this point in time, though that doesn’t mean we can’t take a guess. Based on everything we’ve seen and know so far, here are a few theories we have about what will happen in the series finale.

1. Juliette/Eve will fully transform back to Juliette

Juliette/Eve, Grimm
Image: Tumblr

Ever since Nick healed Eve with the stick, she has gotten some of her humanity back and appears to have a little Juliette in her. Plus, there was also that one episode when Nick referred to her as “Juliette” and not “Eve.” That may be a hint that Juliette will permanently come back in some way, but that doesn’t mean fans or her family/friends will get to enjoy having her back.

2. Juliette/Eve will die

Image: Tumblr

Despite our theory that Juliette will return, we have a bad feeling that she will die come the last episode. Hello, now that she’s entered through what appears to be a portal to “The Other Place,” there’s even a stronger chance. Juliette/Eve is one powerful being and seeing as she has some type of connection to whatever is happening through the mirror, that can’t be a good thing, can it?

Over the course of the series, Juliette has changed drastically and even transformed into Eve after Trubel “killed” her in Season 5. She has also somewhat become of an outsider to the group. She’s a different character than the one we met in Season 1 and also feels guilty for what she’s put everyone through. There’s a chance Juliette/Eve may make amends/sacrifice herself for those she loves and for the greater good.

3. Diana will defeat the new evil

Diana, Grimm
Image: Tumblr

She really does seem to be the key, especially since she appears to know and see a lot that the rest of the characters can’t. Diana also seems to somewhat understand what is happening with the mirrors and also has a feeling that something bad is coming. That’s how powerful she is, so it would make sense if she is the one to defeat whatever darkness is potentially on its way to Portland.

As Claire Coffee told IGN, “Diana goes back and forth. A large part of the season is devoted to making sure she uses her powers for good, and that has a large part to do with is she Renard’s or Adalind’s child; who has her ear? It all culminates in the finale. She is the most pivotal part of the finale.”

By “pivotal,” does she mean Diana will use her powers for good and save everyone?

4. Nick and Adalind will stay together

Nick and Adalind
Image: Tumblr

Ever since Juliette/Eve made her triumphant return, fans have wondered if Nick would get back together with her. Though, that may upset fans who are rooting for Nick and Adalind. Based on what showrunner Jim Kouf told IGN, it sure seems like Adalind and Nick are here to stay. Not only did he describe Juliette/Eve and Nick’s relationship as a “deep friendship,” but also added that Nick’s “love has gone where his family is, which is with his son Kelly and Adalind.”

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5. The stick will be buried again

Stick, Grimm
Image: Tumblr

The healing stick, which we still don’t know a ton about, has had some strange effects on Nick and Juliette/Eve. At one point, Nick even became obsessed with it. There is obviously a reason the seven knights went to great lengths to bury it and make sure no one could ever find it. Either Nick will ensure the stick is buried again or it will be destroyed somehow. It is not something they should be holding onto, that’s for sure.

6. Portland will play a major part

Drew Wu
Image: Tumblr

Based on what the Grimm showrunners also told IGN, it almost sounds like the city of Portland itself will be impacted in a major way by whatever is coming. “If you think Nick has suffered before, he has never suffered like this. He has never suffered loss of this scale. It goes nuclear,” showrunner David Greenwalt said. As for Kouf, he said, “We burned all the bridges. We took this city to the ground. This is a full-on bombing campaign.” Will there even be a city left after whatever it is “goes nuclear”?

7. We’ll see everyone’s happily ever after

Grimm cast
Image: Tumblr

If fans are worried they won’t get a happy ending before the series finale is over, they shouldn’t be. It seems like everything is going to come full circle and that we’ll even get a glimpse into the future. Greenwalt told TVLine, “There’s a very interesting time jump at the very end. There is some playing with time.” That totally means we’re going to see where everyone ends up, in addition to Monroe and Rosalee’s triplets, right? Greenwalt also added, “We’re leaving it in a good place.” That sure sounds like a happy ending to us.

Grimm airs Fridays at 8/7c on NBC.

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