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Beyoncé May Be Giving Us Pregnancy Clues With Her Wardrobe

As we all know, Mrs. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is pregnant with twins.

We also know that Beyoncé doesn’t do anything by accident. She is a master media manipulator, carefully guarding every inch of access to her meticulously crafted image. So when I was lying in bed this morning thinking about Beyoncé (as one does), and I realized that she’d been wearing almost exclusively green for public appearances lately, I started to wonder why.

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There was her famous Instagram pregnancy announcement in which she wore a pink bra and blue panties (which means girl and boy babies, obvs) and a green veil — a color choice I remember thinking was odd at the time:

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Then came the form-fitting green dress she wore to Oscars after-parties:
And most recently, the flowing green gown she wore to the premiere of Beauty and the Beast:

I knew all of this green had to mean something, and when I started doing a little research, I discovered that I wasn’t alone.

The Beyhive has begun buzzing as more people pick up on this trend, and theories have started to trickle in about the possible reason behind this color choice.

Here are the top three green Bey conspiracy theories:

1. She’s telling us her due date

Beyoncé announced her pregnancy on Feb. 1, but never specified when she would give birth to the twins. The latest trend toward green, however, has many guessing that she’ll deliver in May.

Why? Well, because May’s birthstone is emerald, of course.

It’s an interesting theory, but one OB-GYN interviewed by Hollywood Life estimates that based on the size of her belly, Beyoncé will give birth in June, not May. As any pregnant or formerly pregnant woman knows, however, belly size can vary wildly between women — especially when you throw in the twin factor. So, I’ll leave this one as a legit possibility.

2. She’s hinting at names

Bey’s sudden love for all things green has others thinking that she’s giving us some hints about possible baby names.

I think Emerald has potential, but I wouldn’t rule out other green names like Jade, Kelly, Sage, Hunter, Forest, or my personal favorite (although I’m admittedly a bit biased because it’s my daughter’s name), Olive.

OMG, what if Bey and I have daughters who share a name? This is the only way I will every have anything in common with Beyoncé, and I can’t even deal with the excitement of that possibility.

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3. Plot twist!

Others have noticed that while Beyoncé has been decking herself out in plenty of emerald hues, the color red has also made significant appearances (like her stunning scarlet Grammy gown), leading them to believe that she’s actually giving us two hints.

Ruby? Scarlet? Rory? Crimson? Garnet? Poppy? Tell us, Beyoncé! What does it all mean?!

Math lady meme
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Do you have any theories about Queen Bey and the mysterious green gowns? Let us know in the comments.

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