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8 Things to Know About Actress Kick Kennedy

Can you even imagine what it must be like to grow up as part of the Kennedy clan? Yeah, neither can we.

For Kick Kennedy, though, it’s a reality. The granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the great-niece of John F. Kennedy, Kick was born with Kennedy blood running through her veins — and she’s just as interesting as all of her famous predecessors.

She’s named after her great-aunt Kick (which you probably gathered if you’ve kept up with the Kennedys), but she’s definitely not in the family business of politics. In fact, she’s pursuing acting — you can even spot her in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

There’s more where that came from — learn more about the young Kennedy below.

1. She’s a junior

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If you google “Kick Kennedy,” you’ll find a ton of articles about JFK’s younger sister, who died in a plane accident back in 1948 when she was just 28 years old. The Kick we’re discussing today was named for the one who died years ago, her great-aunt.

Though Kick Jr. never met her namesake, she often posts about her on social media, and it’s clear that she feels a connection with the elder Kick.

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2. She has access to the photos & videos we all want

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My grandparents on Palm Beach after their honeymoon

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Being born into the Kennedy family obviously has its pluses and minuses, but the treasure trove of Kennedy keepsakes would definitely be considered a plus — especially since most of the world has at least a mild obsession with the Kennedy family that dates back decades.

Kick clearly has access to her family’s archives and sometimes gifts us with fun little nuggets like the clip above of her grandparents, Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Shakel, dancing on their honeymoon in Palm Beach.

3. She’s not in the family business

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Posing for @questmag in @houseofherrera #nyc

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The Kennedys are all about politics, but Kick would rather be acting. She’s already had parts on shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Newsroom, and she even appeared as herself on an episode of Gossip Girl.

4. She’s not that impressed with Taylor Swift

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I shipped them SO HARD #taylorswift #conorkennedy

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Remember when there was all that buzz around Taylor Swift dating a Kennedy? That was Kick’s brother Conor. And while Kick certainly doesn’t have anything bad to say about Swift, she wasn’t fangirling when the singer was coming around, either.

Yeah, she’s really sweet,” Kick told Page Six in 2014. “It was a moment, really. But we always have exciting things going on — exciting people to meet.”

5. She doesn’t want to be known for just being a Kennedy

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Have a purrrrfect weekend!

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Some famous offspring are all about the nepotism, but Kick seems to see her famous name as more of a hurdle.

“Hopefully, one day people will come see me for something that doesn’t have to do with my last name,” she once said, according to Page Six.

That probably factored into Kick’s decision to go into show business instead of politics.

6. She had an interesting childhood

Her dad’s career focus is environmental law, and growing up, Kick had all kinds of astonishing encounters with Mother Nature. In a 2012 interview with Town & Country, she recalled an especially colorful childhood event in which her dad — who has a thing for animal skulls and skeletons — took her down to the beach with a chainsaw to retrieve the head of a dead beached whale. They bungee-corded the head to the roof of the family minivan for the five-hour haul back home.

“Every time we accelerated on the highway, whale juice would pour into the windows of the car, and it was the rankest thing on the planet,” Kick said. “We all had plastic bags over our heads with mouth holes cut out, and people on the highway were giving us the finger, but that was just normal day-to-day stuff for us.”

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7. She’s not exactly a Donald Trump fan

Not surprisingly, Kick doesn’t seem to be a Trump fan — but she does have a sense of humor about it. Last Fourth of July, she posted a pic of a Trump piñata at her family’s annual bash. Kick’s pic was quickly taken down, but not before screen grabs were taken.

8. She’s already experienced devastating heartbreak

Matthew Melon 2014
Image: Shahar Azran/FilmMagic

Kick had been dating billionaire banking heir Matthew Mellon for about four months when he died unexpectedly in April 2018. According to Kennedy’s model manager, Christine Schott, Mellon’s death follows his possible return to substance abuse.

“She is heartbroken, shocked, she didn’t see this coming,” Schott said. “She is devastated and will not be making comment.”

A version of this article was originally published in March 2017.

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