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An Analysis of Jeff Probst’s Style on Survivor, Told Through His Cargo Shirts

Survivor has been on the air for 17 years and 34 seasons – and tonight marks not only the first episode of the new season of the seminal reality show, but also the 500th episode. Much has changed over the dozens of seasons of Survivor, as contestants came and went, formats changed, and the location shifted around the globe. But one thing has stayed very much the same: host Jeff Probst and his delightful array of safari shirts. This will be Probst’s last season hosting the show (which he also produces). Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

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Season 1, 2001: 100% traditional

Jeff Probst Season 1
Image: CBS

Ah, Season 1. We were all so young then – I don’t know about you, but I was living with my parents for the summer and had to ask whenever I wanted to borrow their car. And look at Probst: dimpled, hunky, rugged, but not too rugged. It’s hard to imagine that he knows as little about Survivor as we do at this point. And for the occasion, he’s wearing the most traditional safari shirt you can picture, the dictionary definition of a cargo shirt: khaki, with the sleeves rolled just above the elbows, only the pith helmet missing. When I close my eyes, this is the Jeff I still see.

Season 6: Getting fancy

Image: CBS

By Survivor: The Amazon, Probst has gotten more playful with his tropical wilderness uniform. Here, he’s sporting a bright aqua safari shirt with contrast stitching, along with some of his signature accessories. What does he keep in those big cargo pockets? We’re guessing some delicious snacks to eat in front of the players, or maybe one of those portable fans.

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Season 15: Who knew cargo shirts could be sexy?

Jeff probst sunset
Image: CBS

Oh, Jeff. I had no idea that cargo shirts could make me feel like this. Paired with the sunset and your smile, it is almost too much. Is the next Physical Challenge just keeping our jaws off the floor? By Survivor: China, Probst has perfected his technical shirt game, always seeming to know when to dress down with a plain khaki look for Tribal Council, and when to dress it up with a classy black number like the one above, for those very special moments in paradise. Is that silk? It looks like he’s on safari and the big game he’s hunting is our hearts.

Season 29, 2015: Casual denim blue

By Season 29, Jeff is so comfortable in his role as host and in his ability to carry bags of rice. Here, he’s sporting a denim blue cargo shirt, though it seems to be made out of a high-tech material that we assume wicks away sweat while allowing your skin to breathe (so that you can comfortably carry bags of rice). This picture also gives us a great look at the rest of his host outfit, which includes cargo pants, some high-performance sneakers, and a Survivor brand cap. Basically, he is wearing what your dad would wear if he were the host of Survivor.

Season 34, 2017: Back to basics

Jeff Probst 2017
Image: CBS

Here’s a sneak preview of what Probst will wear on his last season hosting Survivor, Season 34. He has gone so simple and classic without leaving his roots. His modern, white cargo shirt has a slightly rounded collar and less protruding breast pockets, while his shorts are sleek with clean lines–and no cargo pockets. Let’s face it: Probst is going out in this last season looking like he’s on a fashion safari.

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What’s your favorite Jeff Probst look? His classic safari shirt or a slightly different safari shirt?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Survivor winners slideshow
Image: CBS

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