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What International Women’s Day Means to Israeli Musician & Actress Ninet Tayeb

Did you ever ask yourself why there’s a day in a year that’s called Women’s Day? It’s a fantastic idea to celebrate our gender and the idea that we are stronger than what we think, of course… But why do we need a day for it?

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I think that the core of this idea puts us — strong and powerful women — in a position where we need to prove it. And we don’t. I believe we have to be present and strong and smart and active and sensitive 365 days a year.

Every day in our mind and body and soul is a reason to celebrate. Each and every one of us can make a difference by starting the day with a wide smile to the world.

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One woman who makes me smile and dance wildly almost every morning is my undeniable queen, PJ Harvey.

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Image: Tone Report

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It starts with the way she writes and expresses herself and ends with the path she’s walking on — all the way from Dorset in southwest England to the whole world. She’s loyal and true to her inner voice, and the most important thing: She keeps evolving all the time, never more of the same. “And it’s the best thing, such a beautiful feeling.”

Cheers my ladies,

About Ninet Tayeb: Ninet has definitely made a name for herself, and it all started back when she was first known for winning Israeli Idol. Her debut album took less than a day to go platinum and yielded five No. 1 singles — not to mention a long-running TV series (which she starred in) based on her life. Now, she is releasing her fifth album Paper Parachute, a collection of hefty rock songs with deep resilience, fierce determination and disarming vulnerability.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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