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The Voice Gets Emotional With Its Most Touching Audition Yet

As the blind auditions for The Voice continue, the judges are getting choosier — and the contestants are getting more emotional. Thankfully, the aftermath of Malik Davage’s remarkable audition involved tears of joy.

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A talented 23-year-old singer from Washington, D.C., Davage is a sensitive soul. This was immediately evident during the intro that aired prior to his audition. His story was certainly an emotional one. He grew up under tough circumstances, and now, he’s determined to provide a better life for his little girl. The tears began as he spoke of his beloved daughter; he explained “I’m pushing hard… for her.”

Malik Davage
Image: NBC

Auditioning for The Voice was exciting not only because it could mean the next big step in Davage’s burgeoning career, but also because it was the very first time his daughter had the opportunity to see him onstage. He wanted those chairs to turn not for himself, but for her.

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Davage only convinced one coach to turn around (Levine) during his rendition of “Sure Thing,” but that’s all it takes to get your foot in the door on The Voice. Just as Levine was about to give Davage a rave review, he began tearing up. He eventually explained that he was emotional because of his desire to be the best father he could be.

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Gwen Stefani may not have turned her chair around for Davage (her loss!), but she did offer moral support when he was overcome with emotion. She gave Davage a big hug and a shoulder to cry on. It was a lovely moment, and it reminded us why we’re so happy to have Stefani back this season.

The moment didn’t end with Stefani’s hug. Davage also scored a hug from Levine and the opportunity to sit on his comfy red chair. Most important, however, he was able to bring his daughter onstage for yet another hug.

We are touched by Davage’s love for his family and his determination to give his daughter the world. Here’s to more emotional performances on The Voice!

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