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Milo Ventimiglia Changed His Mind About Rory’s Baby Daddy on Gilmore Girls

If that Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life‘s cliffhanger involving Rory is still bothering you, allow Milo Ventimiglia to help ease your pain.

While chatting with Build, Ventimiglia dropped a major detail about the identity of Rory’s baby daddy. If you recall back in January, the This Is Us star told Variety at the 2017 Golden Globes about who he thought the father of Rory’s child is, “I don’t think it’s any of the three guys at all.” He then added, “I don’t know. You know what? I haven’t really sat around and thought about it, wondered who it was. So, I’ll be surprised as anyone else is.”

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Well, now he is clearly changing his tune and has definitely given it some thought (or was told by Amy Sherman-Palladino herself). He told Build, “No, it is not Jess’ baby. I feel like everybody’s like, ‘But what if he came out with a pompadour, leather jacket and a smart brain?!'”

So, there you have it. Though, that would be quite the entrance — and also somewhat amazing. A Jess baby with a pompadour, wearing a leather jacket and having the love of books? Who wouldn’t want to see that? However, that doesn’t seem likely whatsoever.

According to Ventimiglia, Jess and Rory did not have some tryst off-screen (like some have suspected/hoped for) resulting in a pregnancy. You know what this means? She probably got pregnant by Logan. Yes, she also had sex with Wookiee guy and Paul is also a potential candidate, but really? Would ASP make these two insignificant characters the father of Rory’s baby? We don’t think so. It would be kind of a bummer if either Wookiee guy or Paul ended up being the father. We would definitely be making a phone call to Maury Povich to make sure.

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Logan and Rory
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We’re not gonna lie, we are glad that Jess doesn’t appear to be the father. Our apologies to all those Jess and Rory ‘shippers out there. As much as Jess and Rory have a connection, not to mention the fact that he still very much has feelings for her, Logan is the only one who makes sense as the father.

Rory and Logan remained in contact over the years and even had a not-so-serious relationship on the side. Seeing as they were sleeping together, Logan has to be the baby daddy. Even though they ended things and Logan was with someone when Rory said goodbye to him, a pregnancy could be a way to unite them for good. If you’re a Logan fan, then you are probably hoping this will come true if new episodes ever happen.

Furthermore, if Logan is the dad, then it’s like Rory’s life is mirroring her mother’s. In most ways, Logan is nothing like Christopher, but the two have many similarities. So, it’s kind of like when Lorelai got pregnant by Christopher. That definitely is something ASP would do — bringing everything full circle.

We’d like to thank Ventimiglia for being so candid about all of this. It’s something that many fans still wonder about. Now that there is talk Netflix just might bring back Gilmore Girls for more episodes, theories of what a second season could look like or would include are surely going to be created, including the unmasking of Rory’s baby daddy.

While Jess and Rory supporters are mourning Ventimiglia’s comment and trying to get over all of the shock they surely are experiencing, we’ll be over here hoping what he said is very much true. Logan, we got your back.

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