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Richard Simmons May Need Some Serious Help, Like, Pronto

I don’t even know where to start with this Richard Simmons news. I’m honestly still trying to wrap my head around how bizarre it is.

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I guess the place to start is to say maybe we shouldn’t really be that surprised since Simmons’ life has been full of weirdness pretty much since he entered the spotlight. But it has mostly been positive weirdness thanks to his energy and uplifting spirit.

I once saw Simmons in a restaurant where Lionel Richie was also eating. No lie! Simmons walked past Richie and started belting out “All Night Long” without missing a beat. Richie, being the nice guy that he is, laughed and shook Simmons’ hand. It was a beautiful, random life moment. And that seems to be Simmons in a nutshell.

That’s why it is so sad to hear that he has been struggling in recent years. Rumors that he was having health trouble paired with rumors about his gender identity gave way to no news at all.

Until now.

And this is the weirdest headline yet. Simmons’ longtime friend Mauro Oliveira claimed Simmons’ housekeeper, Teresa Reveles, is holding Simmons hostage in his own home.

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Oliveira explained that when he went to visit Simmons, he was quickly shunned by Reveles.

“She realized that I was in the house, she started screaming like a witch, ‘No no no no, get out, get out! I don’t want him here!’” Oliveira recounted. “Richard looked at me and said, ‘You got to go.’ I said, ‘Really? Is she controlling your life now?’ and he said yes. And that I have to leave.”

Simmons has reportedly not been seen in public in 1,100 days, which gave way to the podcast Missing Richard Simmons, which is where Oliveira made his claims in Episode 3.

Now, if this is true, Oliveira needs to go to the police. There needs to be some kind of investigation surrounding this, because what the hell?

It seems like Oliveira’s strange claims have already been debunked. Simmons’ rep, Tom Estey, quickly responded, saying the rumors were a “complete load of crap.” Estey also maintained Simmons was fine, just simply taking some time away from the spotlight.

Still, if there were ever a time for Simmons to make a public appearance, maybe now would be good.

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